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Ke70 Turbo Sedan Project


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Hi all thought I would start a bit of a thread here with my rolla.

I bought the rolla about 5 years ago now and had been driving as a daily until i had a work car so started to do some work on her.

I pulled the motor out and did a rebuild myself (lots of learning). Tried various combinations of carbs from stock to weber also tried twin SU's worked great but my cam was to lumpy so did not work so well at idle.

Anyway moved to Sydney and the car stayed here in QLD and unfortunately had to be stored outside and very quickly grew rust and was not quite the same. However I have now moved back to QLD and have decided to get it back on the road and make a project out of it.


I am going to keep the k motor but make it a turbo blow through set up.




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Parts have started to arrive.

custom cam regrind "tighe cams" 104 for the exhaust and 112 on inlet

Double valve springs "Crow cams"

Rollmaster timing chain and gears.

new weber 32/36 carby.

Various other turbo bits fuel pump and boost tee.



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on the weekend i got a few bits installed.


new cam chain and gears

new double springs.


its coming together now. next step is to get the j pipe finished and make up the oil and water lines for the turbo with a custom return plate for the oil where the original fuel pump came from.


any one has any suggestions please share as I am only fumbling my way through. :)


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Well to be hones thats one that I am not sure with I would like some help there if possible.

Not looking to run huge boost thats for sure but need to make it worth my while. going to check the compression this weekend and see where it is?

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Thanks for that BLZ there was a few good things in there. a few things i was planning on already doing now that justifies it for me.

need to fix the dissy so it doesn't advance have an electronic one so gotta see how i lock it has anyone done this to a electronic dissy?

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Very clean build mate. I remember going for a run in a gemini years ago that had a blow thru 32/36 weber, far out it went hard!


I have a t28 turbo off my s14 if your interested?


Keen to see this build come together, good work

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has anyone done this to a electronic dissy?


I doubt that you can, athough I'd love to find out that you can! The Hall Effect sensor tells the dizzy when to fire the coil, the dizzy software reads the sensor input against time and it ramps up the advance according to a fixed curve. To play with the timing you need a programmable ECU, which these days you can buy I think.


Just use an old mechanical dizzy you can lock. Sell the electronic one for a hundred bucks or fit it to another 4K.

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yeah i will stick with the elec one for now as I just bought it new lol.

will let you know how i go this weekend hey.

also thanks ke30 i have a t25 with all pipe work already just need to make the j pipe. if i need to upgrade i will let you know cheers, do they have the same dump pie as the t25 i think they do? also how much do you want for it?

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Super keen to see how this project pans out!

I recently got a spare 4k and k40 gearbox for $20 so a turbo build that I can swap straight into the ke70 is on the cards.


Any particular mods to the 32/36? Are you fabricating your own exhaust manifold?


Photos, photos, photos!

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