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Can I Fit A 1Uz-Fe In To My Te38 If I Try Really Hard?


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I want the most badass, ratty rat rod corolla wagon ever. Do you think I could fit a 1uz in my 1979 Corolla wagon? I know a jz wouldn't fit, it's too long, but a 1uz is shorter right? I may be crazy but...yeah no I'm crazy.. Help me complete my dreams. Haters will be ignored.


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Nope. What would be easier? Cause there's no way the stock diff in my car would hold up to the torque.


If you don't have fabrication skills then you're going to be throwing bucket-loads of money at a workshop/fabricator. Pick up the phone and/or go talk to real people with real jobs about your options, this is no backyard job for someone without skills...

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hiro is right.. If you haven't done this before you might as well just give $10,000 to the local homeless, at least you keep the car..


You will buy the parts, pay a lot for people to do odd bits of the fabrication, lose interest and money, it will sit outside in the weather for a year or two, then you'll try to sell the whole lot and no-one will want it. You will end up with no car, no V8 and no money!


Be realistic, you are a clown who will fail... Alternatively, you could modify the engine, then modify the brakes and suspension and do what you like to the body. Over a year you will learn stacks about those systems and know all about the car. Even if you turbo'd a 2L in there it would be a nice car for a simpler job.


Over that time you investigate the costs and problems of a V8 swap, and if you're still keen you might be able to pull it off. Probably joining a local hod-rod club would be the answer, get in with guys who chop bodies and chassis up to fit unusual motors and transmissions.


Even with Mexicans doing the work you'll still have to spend over $20,000 at a shop. I'd reckon the diff end would cost more than the motor end.


this is why you need to be a fabricator, a welder, an engineer..


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You know what I don't like most? People who tell other people they can't do something. You don't my situation. The only thing I want here is support, not discouragement. So if you don't mind...


You need to see this from our side though - without fail, every school holidays (and even other times of the year) we get plenty of pipe-dreamers and P-platers come through with more money than forethought/research and want everything to be spelled out for their conversion (which almost never ends up happening because reality sets in). They tend to also dislike criticism (even when it is constructive) and will often ignore sage advice when given to them because it doesn't agree with their opinion.


As such, we tend to get a bit pessimistic and dismissive when someone comes along with grand plans but little in the way of ability to back it up. Altezzaclub is right in that if you want to get this done, you need professional help (and lots of it, along with money), not internet forums. If you want to do it yourself but don't have the skills, start small and learn your way around things before jumping in the deep end. Above all else, commit to what you plan to do or don't start it at all, otherwise you end up with an unfinished money-pit that you'll never be happy with.

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Alrighty here you go then, so you want to put a 1uzfe engine into your corolla, remember it is a 40yr old corolla that never came with a v8 and the biggest engine it came with is what a 1.8L 4clr carby. and the engine you want to put in is a quad cam v8 that is 15yrs old that comes out of a luxury lexus vehicle.


At a minimum you are going to need to sort out the following:


-what transmission are you going to use? people make bell housings to attach various gearboxes, the gearbox you use will depend on what you can get easily.

-make sure the engine physically fits into the car, you are most likely going to need to modify either the transmission tunnel or the engine sump.

-clutch to suit

-hydraulic clutch setup in your car (if you don't have one already). match the clutch master with the slave so it works properly.

-custom made engine mounts

-custom made gearbox mounts

-you want to use That diff? you need to fit the entire cradle into the back of your corolla ASSUMING that it is an appropriate width, which it probably isn't. So you basically need to redesign and fabricate the floor pan of your corolla.

-custom tail shaft once you have the diff mounted.

-suspension points in the rear of the car fabricated, as the standard ones wont work anymore.

-fuel system for your new v8 (bigger pump and a surge tank), larger fuel lines for the length of the car. maybe even a fuel cell depending how how your floor pan mods go.

-Engine management system, can the stock one be used? i dunno maybe, need to work out if you can wire it into your car (is there issues with security systems from the LS400?) if not its aftermarket ecu time and associated issues and costs with that.

-exhaust manifolds, are the standard ones going to fit? will it hit the steering arm? or anything else? might need custom ones

-full exhaust from one end to the other.

-fit an appropriately sized radiator and a fan, v8 is going to make heaps of heat, so design this well

-Prolly need to put the battery in the boot to make things fit easier

-Think long and hard about the suspension you are going to use, you now have a chunky v8 in a tiny corolla. spring rates? where does the shock sit in its travel? short stroke shocks? coilovers? what shocks? do you need to correct the roll centre in the back or the front of the car?

-brakes you needs brakes, big brakes. what brakes can you make work with the suspension you chose? do you need a bigger mastercylinder? is the booster and mastercylinder going to fit with your V8? brake balance?

-wheels and tyres, you need to pick these based on your new rear diff setup and your front setup you choose. you want GOOD tyres for a v8 corolla.

-do you need to fit a roll cage so you don't crumple into a ball?

-racing seat so you don't fall out first corner?

-Is any of the above actually legal in your country?


As you can see, many questions. and unfortunately there are no one correct answers to any of them they will be based on what parts you have available and your ability to modify or make parts.


Also remember you are basically creating a brand new car. Car manufactures take years designing a car to make it work well as a package.

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I do have help. I have two connections, each with their own shop and two neighbors who are retired mechanics. I have the help I need and I am going to try my best. It's not something that I just thought of and don't have a plan for. I just wanted confirmation that the engine would fit. In no way am I going at this alone. I know this can be done on a budget, and that's how I am going to proceed.

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Well, if you want help on how to do it-


http://www.rollaclub...t +engine +swap


Skim the forum build threads just to see how many get finished, and what goes wrong or how far the failed ones get. Try to identify the biggest pitfalls beforehand so you can plan to push through them and not let them stop the project dead. There are plenty of examples of people who attacked the wrong part of a project and when the real problems hit they were overwhelmed.


Start a build thread and we will do what we can.




Here's one, although not quite aimed at the same as yours. You can Google Cool Lloyd for more. My Ke70 engine bay is 750mm square, so you know a V8 fits in that. I measured from radiator mounts to the firewall, and between the chassis rails. Your's will be a bit smaller.






Thanks for sharing my video!! Its underpowered at moment only 166kw and 550nm at wheels 1UZFE. Heres a run down of the modifications taken from a build thread for this car...



- 1UZ-FE 4L quad cam V8

- Extra stock throttle body on the other side of the plenum

- Haltech Platinum Sport 2000

- Strip loom of unnecessary stuff and add extra wires added for full sequential injection

- Custom headers with 2.25” outlets merging into a 3” exhaust system

- Castlemaine Rod Shop flywheel and bellhousing

- Xtreme button clutch

- R154 gearbox

- Custom tailshaft

- Late model Hilux diff with locked centre



- Sound deadener removed

- Firewall and steering column mount modified to get engine as far back as possible without major modifications

- Seam welding and bracing in high-stress areas

- Relatively simple CAMS approved full weld-in roll cage with single side-intrusion bars. We want to keep the weight down rather than get the car ridiculously rigid.

- Cut out and box up upper equal length 4 link mounts and brace well

- Rear doors welded in and shaved

- All door handles and locks shaved

- Plexiglass windows (or whatever it’s called)





- S13 crossmember moved 30mm forward compared to where holes usually line up for more caster without wrecking inner LCA bushes and no chance of binding due to the steering rack coming forward

- S13 steering rack with power steering

- S13 lower control arms

- Inner LCA pivots on crossmember re-drilled 30mm higher

- D-Project solid steering rack bushes

- JJR tie rods and tie rod ends

- BC Racing S14 front coilovers with 7kg/mm springs

- S14 knuckles and hubs (5 stud)

- Knuckles modified

- Modified strut tower tops to position strut tops further backwards and out

- SuperPro inner LCA bushes and caster rod bushes

- Custom Whiteline front swaybar (haven’t decided thickness yet)



- BC Racing AE86 rear setup with 4.5kg/mm springs

- Equal length 4 links with SuperPro bushes

- JJR panhard rod

- Move panhard rod pivot down on diff

- Make up and weld on “traction brackets” to diff to correct squat

- RA60 swaybar with SuperPro link and D bushes



- Brake booster removed

- Pedal modified and brake master cylinder mounted higher to increase pedal ratio

- We have multiple different sized master cylinders which will be tried until we get the right pedal feel

- S14 front brakes

- Hilux rear drum brakes (locks up well with handbrake compared to disks)

- Driver-adjustable brake bias



Front - 16x8 +27

Rear – 15x10 +5 black sunraysias


Car is only 3 months old and still being set up but is currently 2nd in the local championship! And would you believe me if I told You the driver is only 16yr old! Yeas only 16!!!

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