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Building Up Ke30 Help


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I have just bought a ke30 and was looking for some help with upgrading suspension, I understand there is a lot of work which goes into building up a decent car thats this old but I'm up for it and would like it to perform reasonably well. I thought I'd start by asking where to get a good suspension set up for the intention of drifting it later on and if possible what brands etc.?

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Sell your car and buy something with IRS like an S13 or FC3S. There are practically no aftermarket parts which bolt on. You'll need to know what you want and either make it, cobble it together out of different parts you gather at the wreckers, or get it custom made which is hell expensive. KE30s are not drift cars.

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Why IRS Jamie?


From what I learned rallying a Datsun 510, the IRS rear end has more grip than a live rear axle, although that was on gravel. Drifting hadn't been invented then, we were doing all the drifting there was!


So do drifters nowadays want lots of grip in the rear or less grip in the rear. I find it a strange pastime, you can't measure success by who is fastest like racing.


I think I could slide a KE70 rear end easier than a Datsun 1600, and easiest would be leaf springs, but maybe that's not what they're looking for...

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yeah i woudlnt be working towards a ke30 being a drift car.


an s13 or similar is the way. my brother just bought an unregistered s14 with trick suspension, turbo sr20, and an LSD for $4,000


to get the same in a ke30 your looking at alot more cash, and it will never be as good.


drifting is all about having cheap available go fast bits and cheap available replacement bits for broken stuff, both of which the ke30 doesnt have.

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