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2015 Victorian Motorkhana Championship

Camry Crusader

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+1 for if the standard hardware isn't working properly, a hydraulic handbrake isn't going to help.


I think R is saying that practice is the best way to improve. I'd be there myself, but the last practice day I went to my engine died shortly after, so forgive me for being a little hesitant. If I'm not competing, I'll be officiating. :)

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It's on this weekend.


As far as I go. I haven't been able to so much as get the car serviced, never mind getting the brakes working the way I like. I don't know if you guys know Bert. But we get along good, and I've arranged to use his car (84 Honda Prelude) for this weekend. Considering I used his car for Deniliquin last year, I'll probably go again with it this year. Rd3 clashes with the World Cup final. So I wouldn't compete anyway, even if I was watching it on tv. I was thinking of just keeping the Laser in the garage and get it prepared the way I want it, and get in going from rd5 in May.

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I think you'll beat Bert in his own car. ;)

Great guy.


You do more servicing when said motorkhana car is also your daily. :P


I haven't managed to rack up the kilometres on the new engine that I'd like, so no playing for me. Instead, I'm using it as an opportunity to gain some CAMS Official credentials (scruitineer etc). No plans to upgrade my licence, but most events need officials, this way I can do that 'officially'. :)

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Bert would've been in motorkhana for years before you even started! I may be able to beat him. But I get no satisfaction as a 33yo, knocking off an 80yo.


carbonboy can also get 6 freebie points in the class standings by officiating. I would offer my help. But I won't til I can get class wins regularly.


I haven't serviced my car for a year. Doesn't even start now, I've left it in my aunt's driveway for so long without at least starting it. Disappointing to not use it for the whole season and use the Prelude, which isn't as good. Hopefully I can still knock off Class C. It'll be hard enough with Andrew (Civic) there. Never mind any other competition, never mind a weaker car. By the end of the season, hopefully I have the confidence to be a really good, fast driver. I'd love to be the king of Autocross. But I've got to get my car how I want it. If for no other reasons, so I can't use it as an excuse or have a perceived weakness nagging me.


Ok. I'll log on next time when the results come through.

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