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Hi guys.


so my ride is back on the road. The problem was fixed had to drop motor. the crank gear was the problem was sitting in the gearbox and bolts were not tightened. Well bought new bolts and fitted everything back everything is 100%.

just need to get a starter i am now push starting. The lucas starter replaced solenoid and bought bushes but tested on

battery work but when i put the starter back not click on ignition completely dead ...could it be the armature or does it nead

a clean up?

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Take the black wire off and make sure 12V comes out of it when you turn the key. If that is fine then the problem is inside the starter/solenoid.


Did you fit new carbon brushes? I'm not sure if you fitted new brass bushes to carry the armature or new carbon brushes.


If it worked on the bench it must be a simple problem.

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Hi guys, Does anyone had or know the solution to my problem on the crank gear


So I'm running a 1.8 gl 3t motor stock with viper exhaust manifold only. Standard gear box.


So this is what i am currently experiencing....was driving and doing some robot to robot racing and a spinning too...after doping that whist driving when changing gears whilst clutch pushed in

Before changing i can feel from the pedal a vibration a sound also does this when driving at around 80/100MPH when leaving the accelerator that a rrrrr sound if I’m in neutral and

Just rev high when the rpm drops that sound is evident.


i was driving and suddenly no clutch anymore . I was thinking it was clutch gone.... dropped gear box and clutch was fine and pressure plate.


The problem is on the ring gear the teeth look fine but its quite heavy weight is similar to the clutch or a just a bit heavier..the 6 bolts on the ring gear thread was worn out

So at a nuts and bolts store but slight longer bolts with spring washer and locktite and re assembled and everything was 100%


No sound everything soft and smooth....drove a bit rough again and spin just at one cornet not much and then that sound came back. Those bolts fitted are still new thinking

Something is casing the ring gear to come loose what can it be ? crank gear crank not sure




Another ring gear. I want to use the car for racing and spinning and want to ensure if I’m doing this the bolts on the ring gear holds ?

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the crank gear was the problem was sitting in the gearbox and bolts were not tightened.


Were the holes in the flywheel a perfect fit for the new bolts, or were the holes hammered out of shape when the flywheel got loose??


That was the start of the problem- Now, has it caused some thread damage, or was THAT problem itself caused by something in the crank or the flywheel being wrong.


Those bolts are high-tensile steel, so you may not have got the right grade bolts from the shop. They don't need lockwashers, they are done up to the specified torque that stretches the steel just the right amount. So you need to find the right bolts and use a torque wrench to get them right.


Meantime, plan for a new flywheel. If you are going to hammer the car in motorsport you need something lighter than the stock flywheel, and that may cure your loosening problem.

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The bolts thread were hammer out but holes were fine the ring gear is quite heavy what can be done to lighten it ?


can you send the size of the bolt pattern and length thread ? will check for high tensile bolts

when using a torque wrench how tight should it be ?

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You can have a couple of Kg skimmed off on a lathe, its pretty common and makes a difference you can feel in the lower gears. This is mine after it was skimmed when we swapped out the auto box.



66NM for flywheel bolts torque. I haven't got a bolt lying around to measure at home, I can check in a week at the Woolshed when I'm up there.

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I don't know the weight of a 3T flywheel, but a 4K is about 8kg I think. I took a couple of kg off, which is pretty normal, as they are cast steel, not forged.


If you want to get below 6kg you'll be buying an aftermarket forged flywheel that is manufactured to be light. There is a limit as to how much you can take off a cast one without it flying to pieces, especially under the stress you are talking about.


This sort of thing-





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That is very strange.


They should be able skim it straight and balance it, but it depends on how bent it is. Just ask a machine shop that does engine machining. They might have to make up a dummy crankshaft end to be sure the centre where it bolts on is the true center of balance. It depends on how it is warped. It might cost more than a new one, certainly another 2nd-hand one.


Still, nice to know why it was coming loose.

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