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5k Engine for Ke70

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cool, I'll give them a call on Tuesday
Hopefully they can do single orders, some good parts I find require a minimum order number

EDIT: one other question

Has anyone used AMSOIL 30W Break-in oil, Thinking about trying it to break in this motor

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Members dont see this ad

Oh also a quick...yet dumb questions but just to check 

Extractors from my 4k should fit the 5k i'm building...right?
Same deal with Flywheel and with that the clutch as well right (k-50 box)

Also, I Hope everyone has had a good Easter long weekend

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Ok, unrelated to the build question

How the hell can you put pics up on here, it used to work before but now...nada

anyways, no real progress on the motor since I just got and engine stand today (Decent prices at Hare and Forbes) and slapped it and my engine crane back together after work today, lost some motivation to do anything else since I got home at almost 7pm

admittedly it will be a slow build due to work and helping take care of mum (unfortunately diagnosed with ovarian cancer), also university is back from Easter break tomorrow so yeah, It will be slow going but i'll do my best to keep you guys posted with progress

in other news...I've selected my cam grind (had a look into camtech cams)

CT003528(a)...just mash this...https://www.camtechcams.com.au/toy_4cyl_5k.html

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Hey guys, got a broken headbolt stuck on the block

whats the best way to remove it, I'm thinking tac weld a nut to the stem of the bolt which is sticking up and use that to unscrew it

any other ideas (last thing I want to do is snap the rest of the stem off)

Also would anyone happen to have a good condition rocker cover (mine has 2 screws put through it (i assume someone put it there to hold a loose air filter assembly) 

I also need a Flywheel (if it has already been balanced and lightened even better)...of course I will pay for the items

also anyone know where to get some new valves standard size... (I have been thinking of 1mm bigger valves on both exhaust and intake, any bigger and I'd need new seats which will be an annoyance)...

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I think your idea would work.

I have a spare rocker cover, flywheel and various other k series parts. just ask and I will likely have lol!

Most people re use their valves. I have a some used ones if needed? 

You can use A15 datsun valves that are 1mm larger, but have longer stems. I know someone that just throws them in and says its ok with the rocker geometry as the 4k rocker gear is adjustable. Might be a problem if you have 5k non-adjustable rockers perhaps? Alternatively you can buy L series datsun valves and have them turned down to suit. 





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I'll try upload some pictures of the rockers (I did notice adjusters on them) 

and (since I've never done it) couldn't the A15 series valves be cut/trimmed down 

I'll put pictures of the head and valve as my reason why i'm replacing them...I did expect something such as this when I paid $50 for a pulled down 5k on a pallet



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When I was looking into this with Stewart wilkins and my machine shop, shortening the a15 valve didn't seem to be a good option. That's why we looked at the L Series. In the end, I was working to a budget and worked with of the stock ones.

In hindsight, I should have just bought the a15 ones and chanced it. 

If your 5k has adjustment screws on the rockers, your in business 


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Well looks like i'm in luck with the rockers

but I'm left wondering a few things because of it

(I'll put up photos when I figure how to...stopped working since update)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B098mboUw_dHRzJTVmkzTEl5WVk/view (should be a pic of rockers let me know if it works)

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Also anyone know anywhere that sells some heavy duty (or at least tougher) valve springs for my 5k,

I've also decided to fit oversized valves but only 1mm oversize each side (because I know I can only got 1.5mm ish bigger with stock seats)

Does anyone have the measurements for a datsun A15 valves and L series (so I can decide how to proceed)

I do know the valve sizes of the stock ones
                 Intake: 36x100x8mm
                 Exhaust: 29x100x8mm ........Unless I can't measure things for shit

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Hey mate,

Re adding images, you should be able to select "choose files" at the bottom of the reply box - might be easier to do on a computer if you were trying to do it on your phone? I had trouble uploading a jpeg but it worked when I saved it as a .gif


Perfect time for this thread to come up actually - I've just pulled apart my 5K to rebuild and was looking to do a lot of the stuff you've already been inquiring about. Have you sent your head off to Head 2 Head yet? and have you had any luck sourcing a good electronic dizzy and the timing chain from Romac? Would be keen to hear your findings as I'm looking to get work underway on mine ASAP.

Here's a pic of my head, which doesn't have the adjustable rockers, FWIW.

5k head.gif

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Thanks about using gif. instead of jpeg, i'll give it a go

I haven't had the time to send the head to head 2 head, for electronic dizzy I'll give a ebay one a go, I need to call romac, when I checked their site they have them but it said "(min order 50)" so I have to call them about that

BTW i'm using a permaseal EM30 manifold gasket as the basis of the porting job, as mentioned before, has the same port sizes as a 3k bigport

So far i'm having a devil of a time with my bloody engine stand...time for angle grinder to my holding bolt which are literally 4mm too long

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Did you resave the files in paint or something? Save as > .Gif ? Then "click to choose files" rather than drag and drop. 


So if you're going to go electronic dizzy are you going to get it recurved?

Keen to hear the outcome of your chat to romac.

I currently already have an em30 gasket so that's all good :)

You can use washers on your bolts to pack them out to hold the engine on the stand if that's what you mean?


Bolt --- washers --- engine stand/brace --- engine

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