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5k Engine for Ke70

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"Arp head studs to suit k series engine are as follows



Headstuds 10 required


Headstud washers or you can use your origional toyota ones.10 required.


Headstud nuts you guessed it 10 required."


I wouldnt bother tho, so pricey and kinda overkill. i just took an existing headbolt to my local boltmasters and asked them for something the same. Got them for like 5 bucks each slammed them in and havent had an issue since. Be wary using second hand head bolts as 5k headbolts are torque to yield and 4k ones aren't.  just fyi. 

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No Head bolts? not looking to do studs (or am I confusing myself here)

Maybe I'll go see toyota for some NOS ones or something (3 bolts have some pitting in them so not reusing them)

EDIT: I'll try put some pics of the motor up tonight 

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23 hours ago, KaboomJohn111 said:

Just got it less than Half an hour ago

It's already disassembled and on a pallet although missing some stuff 
- Oil Filter Assembly (Easy enough to find...I'm open for donation lol)
- Dizzy (but will getting one for it but Need it to work with an MSD ignition system) Electric Dizzy
- Fuel Pump

Anyone know the part number for ARP head bolt for the motor (I've completely forgotten)
Anyone know where to get new Pushrods and Lifters (just in case) I think Toyota might have them

And what is the most comprehensive (or has the most components) Engine rebuild kit
- A set of Crank bearings
- Rocker cover gasket
- Cam cover Gasket
- Sump Gasket
- Piston Pins and Snap rings
- Valve stem seats
well you guys get the idea (I'll get piston Rings once I find the oversize Pistons)

Cool man

Pushrods are pretty durable. Measure the lengths are consitant, roll test them on the bench. It's likely they are still ok. Might want to ask your cam grinder if they can overhaul your hydraulic lifters. They can definitely re-surface them (about $88).

I managed to get VRS (valve regrind set) gasket kits easily enough. That's everything you need for the top end. It's likely you can get full kit that includes the bottom end also, being gaskets and seals.

Crank and big end bearings are generally bought separately. Wait till you get your machine work done, as if they grind the crank, you will need undersize bearings and not standard ones.

I recently bought ARP flywheel bolts as my engine is for racing. Rocket industries matched them up to a 4age set (yet to fit them).

Take note of the welsh plugs sizes before you throw them out. Will need to know this info later on. 

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I'll roll test the pushrods tomorrow but need to get and engine stand

I'll take your advice for the crank but I think it's ok

Yes Definitely will keep note of the welsh plug size and obviously going to replace them
I will be working on the engine mostly myself, I'll be sending it for acid drop and clean, to get it bored for the new pistons...BTW who here said they know where to get some 40 thou oversized pistons and rings?, And sending pistons, crank, all pulleys, connecting rods and any other reciprocating components to be balanced 
I need to check the exact weight of the Flywheel and send it off to be lightened and clean up if need be (Need to check weight before determining how light to make it)

I've head of "shot peening" and "Knife Edging" could someone clarify these to me? 

@7000rpm Any recommendations for the VRS and bottom end Gasket and seals

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Shot peening is blasting the components with shotgun pellets, well, these days I'm sure they make special pellets for it. It smashes the surface down to increase the density and make it tougher. Another method is cryo-treating and a third is nitriding.

Knife edged cranks have the counter-weight webs machined away on each side so its not a blunt surface hitting the oil in the sump.  It lightens the crank, like lightening the flywheel. Google image it.

Nice toys for race cars.

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Shot peening is usually done to increase fatigue life of components. The compressed outer layer helps prevent fatigue cracks from forming if I remember my metallurgy course correctly :)


For your extractors, try Jet Hot Coatings in Castlemaine, www.jet-hot.com.au 

As for the rocker cover, timing cover etc, they are alloy and with a bit (well a lot) of elbow grease and a decent metal polish they will come up a treat.

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This is what my knife edged 4k crank looks like.

Not sure if its the ideal thing for a regular road car though.

 I managed to get hold of an ACL brand kit of gumtree, as they went out of business a few years ago

pistons and rings can be found here (and lots of other stuff...as ive just discovered :) )



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Thanks 7000; for where to get some parts, But I did not find 40 thou oversize pistons, and ACL pistons are damn nearly impossible to find since (if I remember) they went out of business about 4-5 years ago

I just asked about shot peening and knife edging because my own curiosity, I've been to car shows and I hear these term but being honest never knew what they meant so thanks for a bit of education

Here is picture of the motor on pallet 

EDIT: Here is a picture of motor on pallet


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