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Been out and about this morning with very little found. I am waiting to hear back from my local Peders suspension with what will work. I also have a good friend I completed my Mech Eng with who is an F1 handling engineer(can't name the team or driver though) chasing up euro options too.

What i did find was the part numbers at peders are the same for ke20 through to ke55. Unfortunately they only have one insert in stock and aren't re-ordering until Jan next year ☹ 

I'm now desperate my as my car is on stands until I figure something out. On the up side of it all, it will give me a chance to take final measurements so I can spin up some nolathane wishbone bushes.

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I had a look at a Tokico listing I have. Unfortunately it doesn’t include any measurements as I had hoped to isolate some options. And interestingly has no listing at all for an RX7. 


There are some rabbit bilsteins in Ringwood on eBay, but looking at the pics, I’m not sure how they locate in a macpherson strut. I think the rabbit inserts sound most likely to have upgrade options that are also available, at least after a quick look on eBay, as long as they can be installed in the strut and aren’t too far out in the other measures. 

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These ones

One of the links I posted earlier does comment that some brands seem to have a slightly narrower fitment, whilst as Jono says, other don't fit


There are also some KYB excel G's


But yes, they would be a punt to buy unmeasured.  And we don't even know anything about these regarding length or stroke.

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