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  1. Thanks for the input Altezzaclub and agree with everything you have said. I don't have the time or desire to fight with rust anymore and as such realise that I have to pay up for other peoples time to deal with it. I know whats involved,been there done that and still doing it on a different vehicle so I know the $$ value of a done vehicle. To be honest,it doesnt necessarily HAVE to be a 70/71 but that is my preference. I am prepared to consider other Corollas but they have to meet the same criteria regards all the other requests.Pete
  2. Hi, just testing the waters for a street legal,registered KE70/71 4 door with certified 4age conversion in Victoria. Must be a sorted vehicle with presentable paint, reg and RWC although I don't mind a small bit of work needed,body can be stock or modded and must have full seating 5 passenger capacity, would prefer auto as I have a problem with left leg but realise that will be unlikely so will accept manual and deal with it,am prepared to pay good $$ for the right car but not going to pay Covid prices. If you have something that you think I may be interested in shoot me an email with pics ,if I'm keen I will get back to you. Must be Vic registered,RWC and complied, no time and to many other projects to get involved in more crap and bullshit. Thanks,Pete
  3. Hi,looking for a corolla project since I passed on my KSEV. Not to picky, 35,55 or 70 would be considered,must be complete(not dismantled) and running,preferrably not a started project and hopefully located in Melbourne or nearby.Also,would prefer sedan,2 or 4 door but not wagon.Let me know whats out there, complete with description and pics. Thanks,Pete. Contact via RC,email([email protected])or 0431464754
  4. talking about webers on a 4k,a 4k that has a weber fitted and runs like shit till it warms up,is this a tuning and or jetting problem,is it normal or what else could it be??this is all the info I have at present so just opinions,ideas would be appreciated..
  5. are you sure that your kill switch is working? you say that you knocked it off and everything stopped working but since then you have not been able to get it going again even I assume when you switched it back on. maybe you damage the switch internally,have you checked it?you can bridge out the connections at the rear or use a test light,either way that seems to be the place that I would start looking as it seems to coincidental that it has happenned like that.
  6. To me "click click"sounds like the starter is not getting enough power to operate the solenoid properly so I would suggest checking wiring connections to the battery and or starter solenoid,a bad earth, maybe even a faulty battery. It definitely sounds electrical to me though.
  7. jimmy-d

    Sam'S Ke55

    pics are nice but would love some words,tell us about it,pls!!
  8. Or maybe you could get on with your work and sort your other issues out when you get home instead of making generic comments while providing no information/explanation and then dish out on people who are just trying to yank your chain!!! They like to have a bit of fun here sometimes!
  9. could it be the switch for a fan speed controller?can't remember a sliding type dimmer switch.
  10. It would be my guess that the drip rails would be formed and rolled into each individual section,the roof section and the upper body section,and then pressed together spot welded and rolled as the two sections are fitted together.This being the case,if you cut it off the roof would be left un-attached so I would think that as you removed a section you would have to hammer and dolly it into shape and weld before moving on too far ahead,would def. need some bog or lead work to tidy it up.I don't know anyone who has actually done it though!
  11. I would always reccommend permatex,Ive had no problems with gaskets moving and I use it on nearly all my gaskets whether they really need it or not and have had no other problems with it.
  12. Pretty sure its best offer over $1000 so I guess you give him a figure and see how ya go!
  13. Maybe the engine mount rubbers are shot?? Really good that it has a 5k though.
  14. Maybe don't rev it to hard but otherwise I think you just got to drive it gently,don't think there's much else you can do now but then again I'm often wrong.
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