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Si's 5kte Ke55


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Hi Guys though it might be about time I made one of these threads!


Car: 1980 ke55e (square head light front)

Colour: Baby shit brown


Interior: S13 front seats, sports steerer, tach, boost and oil pressure guages, kenwood deck and 4x 6"s, skull gear nob I can't get off!!!! :)


Exterior: Currently 13 x 7 hotwires, 185's and 205's, earlier model ke55 bumper, character adding dents and rust patches!!


Engine: Stock internal 4k, Camtecch 609 lump stick, VN Radiator.


Induction: TD04-L turbo (off late model WRX) '89 mx6 front mount cooler, 32/32 DTMR-A weber in custom air box ;)


Fuel system: Malpassi R/R FPR, VL Turbo fuel pump, small lift pump. No surge tank yet!


Exhaust: KE70 manifold, mandrel steam pipe j-pipe, 2.5 "dump pipe" into 2 inch exhaust with quiet muffler.


Drive Train: RPM Heavy duty ckutch, standard 4 speed, CIG Locker.


I used to have a CT12 turbo off a 1G as some of you may know, this will now be boosting a ke70 around the streets of Adelaide.

Heres some pics of the old set up.












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Just been sorting a few things today, think I've finally got my plugs sorted!! :( Now running B7ES plugs (only cause they didn't have 6's) and it doesn't really miss fire at all like it was this morning when you ring it out. Me much happy :(


Gate pressure on the turbo is 6psi, had the switch on 10, but just about to take it for a thrash on 12psi :'(


Yeah you used to be able to hear it on boost heaps, now just got a big induction suck. and the bov is big enough (or in the right spot more to the point) so on high boost I get a big reversion flutter.


When the gf gets her 512mb mem card (that I bought her for xmas hehe) I'll have to do an in car vid!!

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