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Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe


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No there is no rebound from the car, ( i hope we are talking about the same thing) the body on the short stroke version TRD is quite short, so with the car standing normally there is still about 3 inches of downward travel left in the shockie, and about 3 inches upward travel (shock absorber rebound)

The car would bottom out on the bumpstops before the shock absorber fully compressed, and even then there is still about an inch left.

Here is a pic of the rear for you hope it helps.



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keeping the 4k?



Definatly going to get rid of the 4k.

I have couple of options.

SR20det, its popular and relativley cheap and has been done before with proven results.

The other is bloody expensive, European, about the same size physically, but regarded as one of the most powerfull 2 litre turbo, or naturally aspirated engines made.


Can you guys guess :hmm:


But i have to do a bit more research, i have'nt seen it done before , i think it may be a first if it works and if i can get one cheap of the guy i know.

( with the financial crisis and all, he may get desperate for some cash. )

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Hi guys


Been a few months of doing nothing on the car, then starting an engine build on a 2 litre Cosworth turbo for it.

But got offered good money for the cossy head, so i sold that and bought a s14 series 2 front cut, so looks like i will be going sr20 turbo instead.

Would have loved to have run the cosworth but it was going cost about 7 grand to build up, even with running 2 litre pinto bottom end.

But anyway at least there is progress, as it stands the front cut has been stripped of the engine and all the other goodies that i will use from it.

Heres some pics.



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Check out how much wiring there was in this thing!!

Hopefully i will lose half of it, all the crap like the aircon and other electrics which i don't need.

And the engine looks heaps better without all the power steering and aircon compressor.

Should go well, the later model sr20det runs a t28 ball bearing turbo , that with a few other mods should see 250hp easy.




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Engines in!!!! :)


Well its only sitting in place, haven't welded in the engine mounts yet.

Fits in very well, the only place where it seems tight is the dump pipe near the idler arm bracket, like almost touching, so i am hoping an aftermarket

dump pipe gives me better clearance, and more horses.


Hears some pics, enjoy.




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Nice car and nice conversion work. Subscribing for updates :)

Thanks mate, things will be moving along steadily, (i hope) i am only working on the car on fridays, the workshop where it is at, is closed on the weekend

and i work every other day.

But its good, i get to use my mates workshop for free, do most of the work my self, and get help with all the things that need more than one person.

Once the engines in properly, i can chuck it on stands, rip the diff out and send it away with the r31 diff i got, to get shortened.

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Cheers for the photo Taz_Rx


I've been checking out some after market dump pipes, (some of the brand name ones are ridiculously expensive, like $500 plus for Tomie one :jamie:)

When i find one at a reasonable price, i will cut the flange off, extend the dump pipe past the idler arm and then weld the flange back on.

Hopefully it wont make it too low.


In the mean time i have started to retro fit the 200sx dash to the ke55 one.

I am going to use the main cluster, and it also came with a separate three gauge cluster with a charge, oil pressure, and boost gauge.


Almost identical to Marty K, but not so jazzy.

Will post pictures soon.

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