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Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe


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Hey guys

Have been a member of this forum for a little while and thought i might start my own rides and project post.

Here's the run down.

Bought a ke55 coupe off the net all the way from our sunny capital Canberra, which is a fair way considering i live in Perth, i had been on the look

out for a couple of months over here but nothing was coming up, got impatient and grabbed this one.



It's pretty straight save for a few small dings in the front and back, of which one has been fixed, and little rust in the usual places.

(not as good as it looked in the photos when it arrived, the guy was a good photographer ) it's always a risk when you can't physically see the car.

Plans so far is decent brakes and suspension first (already sorted the front).


will post up specs if your keen

Then engine conversion, driveline and then take her all apart and give the body some treatment.

And as many bits and pieces in between.

Hope to keep it pretty streetable and still be able to do some track days at wanneroo, motorkhana and small tarmac events.

Will post up future mods and stuff i have already done in the coming weeks, let me kow what you think and any good advice is apreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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Nice looking ride.


Looks like the ###### rx7 calipers and brackets, redrilled civic rotors and I'm guessing the coilovers are also ######. The rx7 calipers are great i run a set on my vl and it pulls up without trouble after i got some QFM pads in there.


edit: forgot thats a forbidden word around here.

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The front setup is as follows

shortened sprinter struts converted to coilover and hubs

sprinter power steering arms

bilstein short stroke motor sport inserts

ke55 adjustable tops ( not super happy with these, they work very well but they add about 40mm to the hieght of the front because they are so tall )

series 4 rx7 calipers, civic slotted rottors, ######. addapters ( a really nice piece of engineering ) and braided lines


upgraded swaybar only 20mm

and a whole lot of bushes.

I recomend the brake setup, pulls up realy well, have tried multiple setups in previous cars simmilar wieghts but not corolla's, and this combo works great.

Every thing pretty much bolts in only problem is clearance between rotors and the end of the lower control arm

nothing a few taps with medium persuader doesn't fix

seems to handle very well but can't comment conclusively, as the rear is still very sloppy still standard, hoping to sort it out after chrissy.

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Yeah, keeping the round lights but thinking of changing the grill to the three bar instead of the five bar.


With the interior, I stripped all the trim, front and back, cleaned them really well, took the chrome strips off and then painted them with interior paint.

Then put them all back together, has been like that for about 6 months, seems to be holding up really well, no fading or peeling.

Hoping to ditch the standard seats soon and replace them with something a little more hugging. Not sure whether I will go down the path of a cage.

Last car I had was fully stripped, interior, cage, seats and harnesses, but was really uncomfortable day to day driving. The noise and the heat was almost imposible to deal with, so this one will remain relatively standard.

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