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Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe


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Well, update for the week.


Had one of those days when you spend all day working, but have bugger all to show for it at the end. |blink|

Had to wait a while to get the car on the hoist.

Cut the shifter hole further back in the tunnel. (seemed to take all day)

And cut out the templates for the engine mounts.

Hopefully get them cut out in steel and get them welded in by mid next week.

Still have the gearbox mount to do, just deciding whether to adapt the s14 mount and the ke55 mount together.

Or just make a new one out of box steel and angle iron, just looks a bit industrial that way.

Anyway at least i can work on the dash at home during the week.

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Well, took a day off work and got some jobs done on the car.

Cut the steel plates for the engine mounts ( my new favorite tool, plasma cutter, i like!!) and welded them in.

Also did the gearbox mount, but need to redo it. The back end of the box is sitting too low and its making the engine tilt back too much towards the firewall. :)

At least the engine not just sitting there on a piece of wood and i can remake the gearbox mount later.


I have a couple more bits of plates to weld in under the tabs with holes in them.




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Productive day today.

Redid the gearbox mount, turned out really well, motor and gear box sitting in the car spot on.

Mated the s14 mount to the ke55 mount, bolts up to the rear set of holes under the car.






Welded a plate underneath to add strength.



Finished product looks pretty standard, and super strong.


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"Slowly but surely"


Got most of the hydraulic clutch conversion done today, i will post some pics up later in the week if any one wants to see how it was done.

Not too hard, just time consuming.


Also received some presents in the mail.


Earls braided oil and water lines for the turbo



Bosch high pressure pump and Bracket



Hopefully i can take some time off mid week to get more done, at this pace it's gonna take months!!

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Ahhhh so pissed off!!!


Was starting to put on the braided turbo line kit onto the car today, pulled the inlet pipe off the compressor housing on the turbo

and saw this.




When i bought the front cut, i asked the guy "did you check the turbo for shaft play?

He assured me yes it was all sweet.

He obviously was full of shit, unless it sucked up a bit of crap when he started it for me, before i put it on the trailer. (highly unlikely)

Any way, one turbo rebuild i didn't budget for coming up.

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On a brighter note, the dash conversion is coming along well, heres some pics.


Cut off the ends of the 200sx dash shroud.



Mark it out on the ke55 facia with a template.



Cut it out it out using a dremel or air hacksaw, cut within the lines to leave some room to tidy it up.



It should fit in there spot on.



Weld it in place front.



And back.



More to come

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Yeah, i thought about just going for a gt2871r or similar, but to get the most out of it i would need bigger injectors, ideally a z32 airflow meter,

and a retune of the computer.

So its not just a matter of a few hundred dollars, whack on a big turbo and bump up the boost.

The t28 that i have is out of a second generation s14 so its a ball bearing model (gt2560r) same as the s15,

meant to be one of the most responsive turbos Garret do in that size, and for now i am only after about 300hp.

I ended up paying $690 to get it rebuilt, and i am going to go back to the guy that sold me the front cut, to try and recoup some cash.


Anyway, one fresh turbo



And attached to the engine with braided lines



Also put on my new clutch, Exedy Heavy Duty Cushion Button


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