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Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe


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First spoiler/boot lid in one gel coated and laminated, I will give it a couple of days and demould. Not the easiest to lay up with the deep spoiler section but all went ok.

Really looking forward till its cured. In the meantime I will start separating the original boot skin from its frame, idea is to bond this one the original frame.

Although the end goal is to make one of these or similar in carbon fibre and secure it with pins to the car.

This one has always been a learning opportunity and to get my mould making process right.




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Getting the frame ready to bond to the new skin.

Something that surprised me was the weight of the frame, its about a quarter that of the outer metal skin, I was expecting the opposite.

 It’s made from much thinner steel, I guess the moulding gives it its strength.



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This is a cool project. Makes me want to do fibrelgass things again!  I too am suprised to hear that the frame doesnt weigh much.....I do have a spare e30 bonnet here.....

did you happen to weigh the boot when it was complete? it would be interesting to see the before and after weight. as you will be saving weight on the skin, but adding more fibreglass for the spoiler (but not much i suppose)



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I have enjoyed the process of design, concept and then manufacture, seeing the fruits of effort is rewarding,

The fact that it’s built from scratch is pretty cool.

I did weigh the original boot lid. It was 6.1kg, it’s actually rather light, I guess it only small. I will weigh this one once it’s done though.

I don’t think it will be much lighter, being layered up with chopped strand matt it does take a fair bit of resin to wet out.

This first one is more about learning, styling and to see if it gets rid of some lift. I’ve ordered myself a vacuum pump to trial resin infusion next.

A carbon or even fibreglass resin infused one without the metal. (Just the skin) would weigh less than 2 kilos I think, I would attach it via pins and also get rid of the hinges which are very chunky, between them and the boot lid maybe lose 10kg?

some reinforcement before I glue it up






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hmm infusion, that whole thing is very cool. I Went down the research rabbit hole years ago on vacuum bagging and infusion but never found a worthwhile project to justify buying all the gear. Did you get a knock out pot as well to stop the resin going into your pump?



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Yeah the whole infusion process is looks like the ultimate way to make composite parts, strength, weight and also aesthetics if you’re into the carbon look.

I don’t know if that would suit and older car but I will take the weight reduction, if I do the bonnet, boot, doors, front and rear quarter panels there is a heap of weight to lose.

Haven’t ordered a catch pot yet, I was thinking of making my own. I have seen some simple DYI ones made out of pvc pipe.

Anyway after 2 months of dust and resin fumes… whats do you guys think?

needs colour but all in all pretty happy with the final result and knowing it’s somewhat unique is pretty cool.





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It does look superb!

Back when I was doing this to Datsun 1600s I found the guards are already quite light, but the doors were heavy. The bonnet & boot were worth doing too, but the gain was not so much.  The before and after weights as you do it will be interesting. 

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Well this first project is done.

Managed to replicate the result successfully and also make the spoiler section by itself.

For this second one I trialled some 3 mm Corecell as a core and got rid of one layer of glass. Turned out super strong and light, actually way stiffer and lighter than the factory metal one.

2.9kg v’s 5.8kg for the factory one, and perfect as a pin on option, no need for the frame or any other reinforcements.


Spoiler option also turned out great, had to add in some bolt recesses to allow it to be an easy bolt on fit.


Vacuum pump and catch pump have arrived and looking at buying some carbon fibre and consumables for an infusion trial soon.

First need to make a new mould and thinking of either doing the bonnet or maybe the boot lid as a first go. Boot is small and not a huge loss in materials if it goes pear shaped.

Unfortunately I can’t use the current mould as the flanges are a little small and being 2 piece mould probably too complicated for a first go.

So that’s it for now, until the next update take care, stay safe (and sane) for those of you who are lock down affected.


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And so it starts again!!

Until I start accumulating all the consumables for infusion I thought I would make a start on the wide body. Narrowed it to two styles, bolt on flares, kind of like what I am already running but boxier/wider. And full wide body arches trying to follow the cars body lines as much as possible.

I thought I would start with the front and try the full wide body option first.

Doing this on the spare guards I have as this gives me the option to return the car back to normal at anytime and let me enter a couple of events coming up. Gonna have to take my time unfortunately with this stage as I’ve got a home/shed renovation happening soon. 
Couple of pics to help my ideas make sense to everyone, similar to the way I did the boot spoiler, get the general shape sorted, fill the voids with the foam blocks and then start shaping.




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You're a real artisan Dean !  Hat's off to you. Love your work.  Wish I had the patience to take on things like that.

Bit like an artist with a blank canvas.  In this case; a standard guard; which you just build up, until you get the look you want.

Keep the photos coming, once that new shed is built.

Cheers Banjo

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Sheds done and finally getting a chance to play with fibreglass again. I have been a little distracted with another car project but in between I’ve selling a few of front lips I have been making. I got asked a few times for a boot spoiler and wasn’t keen on selling the large version I made so decided to make a smaller easier to post version and one that’s a little more subtle.

Similar process as before, and it’s almost ready to take a mould. Shame these plugs end up getting destroyed! Looks good in the funky blue topcoat.


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