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Pure bliss .... i have spent the last 4 months in brisbane while my son has been having heart surgery so planing my next build for my ke30 and looking at either a 1jz or and rb20 only for road leagle bu11sht any way now after seeing this i just want to srtip it back and do it exactually how i want and not just drop and motor in and go and leave it look old and tired inly problem is it will be behind my custom lux build and my new 2j soarer/toy/race car lol ....keep up the overrated work keen to see some vids

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Well its been a while since I've done a bit of an update

All the brakes/handbrake/clutch/accelerator are all working these days

M800 and the motec PDM and ignition module etc are all mounted

New carbon dash/crash pad and side mirrors wasn't that a headache from hell some where around 150 hours of work in total

Basically the only things left are a few vac lines for the boost solenoid wastegate and blow off valve

fit all the gauges and put the dash in fill with oil then off to TZEE Tuning to be wired and dyno











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brilliant, that dash is insane!


Ha cheers it was a shit load of work to make


It came up pretty good considering it was the first time I've played around with carbon fiber some of the weave is a bit funny in places but you don't really notice it too much

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Absolutely AWSOME build defiantly " COTY 2015 " the workmanship and engineering that has gone in to this is "second to none other " out there ! congrats on what can only be described as the best build I've seen on here yet and I hope all goes well with the final stage and you can get out and truly enjoy all the hours and hard work you have put in to it. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Cheers:- Stuart :wave:

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