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hey guys and girls.


my names sam, just recently bought a ke55... bought it as a cheap daily but i can see its going to turn into more than that lol plans already are to goto AJPS get some lowered spring and performance challenge wheels :)


currently have 3 cars hahaha... A31 cefiro (OBSERD) el xr8 (MR XR8) and the ke55 :)


the ke is a bit rough around the body but the interior isnt too bad :)

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i am sam I'm in the northern suburbs


got a bummed out rusty ke30 from my brother for 500 bucks because it was a manuel and i wanted to teach my self to drive manuel but then it turned out to be a mega sick car (apart from being a slow slow slow slow 3k) but it was sick in the wet untill i recently snaped the clutch cable and got stuck on the side of the road :( going to put some dough into it to get it lookin schmik get the rust taken out some stage soon and i have the subaru metalic blue paint ready in my shed for when it comes to respray time then ill do somthing about the slow factor once i save some dosh


oh and i got some mega sick rims from cashies :P $50 there chromies but i think a female had them before hand mad gutter rash :P

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does anyone know where i can find a good 5k engine around adelaide besides dismantelers cause there asking for way to much for theirs and I'm having a hard time finding one


Wrong section man....but Ke motorsports might still have one for $550 i think, he's in the site sponsers part, someone else has one for sale aswell.

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Hey guys,


Name's Chris and I don't own a Rolla but an R31 Pintara. Might be looking at getting a FWD Rolla in the near future for a work car, but for now my Pinty is where its at.


I really love old Rolla's and just wanted to be able to show my love for some of the awesome builds that are going on in this forum (Been reading in the shadows for about a year)


Cheers fellas :)

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Hey guys, some of you may know me from the aus day cruise, just wanted to say hi (:


84 ke70 shitter, needs a good clean, new bonnet, boot and rear right 1/4 panel, not to mention the hole in the roof lining o_O


Fixed the stereo, pumpin the tunes again :D


If anybody knows how to get dents out a bonnet and strengthen a boot, hit me up (:

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