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New Sa/adelaide Members - Post Here First


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Sorry people i forgot to recreate this thread after unpinning the other new members thread :D


anyways here it is :dance:


and no the older members don't have to repost but you can do so if you wish :cool:


oh and don't mind me, I'm just chief dish washer ie no one important :lol:

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Hey all.


Getting my second Rolla tomorrow from Melbourne, an 84 KE70. 170,000km genuine and FULL SERVICE HISTORY!! pretty happy to see it has complete service history :jamie:


downside is it isnt currently regoed, but it still runs fine and looks neat as so getting ID check and rego monday if all goes to plan :(


my first Corolla was a POS AE82 sedan, 1986. always had timing problems and always tried to stall, except when i turned it off, it decided it had a built in turbo timer even though it was still the stock na POS thing lol. I eventually just gave up turning it off and stalled it every time i parked.


Anyway, me, names Karl. really like my R31 Skylines. I'm actually buying the KE70 as a daily so I can rebuild my Skyline and make it a nice cruiser, then when thats done its the KE's turn for a rebuild/upgrade :)


hope to see you all around on some future cruises :D

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