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New Sa/adelaide Members - Post Here First


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Hi there, we‘ve had a '68 ke10 in the family from well, 1968. My sisters and I all learnt to drive in it tearing around the adelaide hills near coro valley but for the last 10 years or so it's been under tarps. We're finally getting around to restoring it (looking for some panels if anyone knows where i can find front guards and boot lid?) and came across this forum which has been a wealth of information.


If anyone in Adelaide has done a front drum to disc conversion that wouldn't mind answering a few questions that'd be great!

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Hey guys, my name's Zak and I'm from Hallett Cove in the southern suburbs. I recently (sunday) bought my first corolla - a CS KE55 2dr 4sp manual. It has a 4k engine with extractors and exhaust system. It has also just had the interior redone in black and white. I'm in love with it and can't wait to get to driving it - only reason I'm not living in it is because I have to learn manual in it first, haha. Definitely preferring it to my XF falcon ute though, there's no contest.







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Hey guys! Name's Aleks.


Got a AE92 Levin. Second time round toying with toyo's. Going for a long term project here.


Thought I would up here first. Not much to say really! Live up north, I'm a qualified mechanic, soon to also be an auto sparky, Have my own workshop set up at home.


That's about it! Posted up on the member's rides bit aswell. More to come!

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Hay all new member here.

Down south way.

just saying hi and some info on me :)

Name garry or gazza

Family man with to young kids 2yrs and ones close to 4yrs old.love em most of the time.

So things I like cars, gaming, and money.


Time for my cars

I have a ford bfxr8 stock.

And the 79 corona liftback RT130.

Info on how I got it and whats going to be done.


Was looking for a car to do up and come across the Rona on gumtree for $900 paid $750 for her.

After getting the car on it's looks and how clean it was I didn't mind the engine being ruff. Later to find out it needs a rebuild.

With out going on. Sat around then decided to do a rotary engine for it. I have the 5speed mazda box and some parts for her. Mite have a 13b motor for it as well.

Will do a build thread when I start on it.

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Hey fellas ive just brought myself my first ke70 ive decided to convert it to a sr20 simply so i can give my brother inlaw a run for his money in his ss which he thinks is the best thing ever ill show him my old girl will get up and boogy if any one has some patts that cold help let us know have cash kinda hard to find much parts these days any advice and what parts i should get would be a great help ill be doing the work myself but kinda a noob my first build 

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Start a topic about it and post a couple of photos., then we can chat.

Read this article and make a list.

I think you'd be better to do a 4AGE first as it is simpler, you can always sell it afterwards as a complete unit or as a running car, and it will give you enough experience and confidence to finish an SR20 conversion.

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