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New Sa/adelaide Members - Post Here First


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Hi there all,


I've been lurking around for a while after a recommendation from a mate.

I now own an old Toyota so thought it would be appropriate to sign up now.

I've just bought a 1964 Toyota Tiara, a little tatty around the edges but overall quite sound and I will start a thread in the rides section.

This is my first foray into classic Toyota ownership but I have had classics for a while. I have had a ratty VW Beetle and 1955 DeSoto that were a pile of fun and I still have a 1963 Chevrolet Corvair and my wife has a 1969 BMW 2002, so classic cars feature heavily in our lives.

Looking forward to meeting you all around the traps and grabbing advice from you knowledgable people out there.....this is gonna be fun!



Sheidow Park SA

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Darren, welcome :dance:


got any picks of your tiara?

i see your in sheidow park!!! I'm over the road in hallett cove.


ill be keeping an eye out for your new ride :hmm:


cheers, scott


Hey Scott,

Just putting pics up now in Rides....will be a while until she's on the road, but hopefully sooner rather than later. :D

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I'm mike i have owned a few toyotas i live in brighton i currently own a AE86 4AGE big port and a JZX100 Chaser factory manual, the reason my user name is cream dream is because of my beloved cream ke70 that i had to sell due too fund the repairs to my chaser that my mate crashed:( but i just sold my AE86 and am currently looking for a KE70 wagon to have as a project car.

post-8568-1265264308_thumb.jpg post-8568-1265265097_thumb.jpg


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Hey Sa People new to the site if anyone can help me out with a pair of venitions for my Ke55 would gratelly be appreciated


why do you want a pair?




O'brien Auto Shades


27 Gordon Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035


p: (08) 8293 1477

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Hi All , the name is chris , been around the forum for a bit lurking in the shaddows, about a month ago picked my self up a nice little ke 30 coupe, had a few ke70's but never really diod anything with them


i have big plans for the ke30, wich will all unfold in due time


i live in happy valley and am always up fopr a cruise hills,espy runs wherever also interested in photography and would love to take photos for local sa boys

cheers chris





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