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New Sa/adelaide Members - Post Here First


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hi i'm nick

from the barossa valley

i'v had 2x ke55's, 2xke30's, 1x ke20 1x ke10

i'v also had a 84 bj74 landcruiser

i now have 3 toyotas 1x ke26 wagon second owner

toyota prado tow vehicle for my van and car trailer

and my new project burnout car was owned by untubbed_20 and madmax7

ta cya nick


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guess i beta post here too :blinks:

currently building a ke55< prefer the 30s but this one came up

i work weekends and arvos so maybe when the cars finished ill have to chuck a sicky and come out for a cruise :blinks:

( :hmm: oh and when i get my licence back) hmmm 9 months left :blinks:


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Hi all, I'm Ross from Adelaides south and I own a yellow KE55 4d sedan 4spd with locked diff with some cool old datto wheels.


I paid 2 cartons of beer for it ($90) off a mate of mine who was going to scrap it.


Had a blown head gasket, extremely warped head, carby needed rebuilding and a few other things to fix but most have since been resolved and its alot of fun to drive.


I'm a 4th yr apprentice mechanic and have worked for Honda for 3.5yrs and am now starting work at Toyota next wk, I also own a reasonably modified subaru rs liberty, sti motor, sti box, brembos, coilovers etc.


Looking forward to meeting some of the local members on a cruise etc, cheers.

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hi all


got a Celica so not really a Rolla, altho it is a Toyota!


Celica Club in SA got a Track day at Mallala coming up October 25th (a Monday)


info in the Motorsports section shortly


track day has filled sorry all.



will be looking to hold another one around March


all Toyotas welcome.

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hey all!

I'm currently in the Port Adelaide area. Bought my '79 KE50 Corolla Liftback a couple months back. $400 with working air-con. Still stoked about that! Anyway, slowly rubbing it back, getting rid of the dodgy bog and painting but am putting off doing the passenger side because i don't want to do a dodgy job/can't find replacement parts.

Happy 'rollin!

post-11989-031065300 1284894227_thumb.jpg

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Hey i'm Tom, From Reynella(Down South) i've got 79 ke55 that ive had for nearly 6 years, my dad bought it for me for my 18th from his mates grandma with 104,000 original k's. it's still only done 116,000 and is getting a full respray atm, hoping to have it back on the road for christmas. Will post pics asap.

Recently i went a bit nuts and bought two more rolla's, tylerrice's red 81 ke55 coupe on page 1 of this thread with original 117,000 on the clock and a 75 ke30 2 door sedan from leorolla1975, these are both currently parked up behind my shed under car covers waiting for their paint jobs also hoping to finish the 2 door sedan by march 2011, it doesn't need much already running a 5k. I'll get to the coupe eventually too.

Ive got a 96 mazda work bus and my daily is an 85 Cressida Glx-i, bit of luxury with all the goodies. Looking forward to meeting some fellow rolla nuts, and going on some cruises when the 55 hits the road. Hope to see ya soon :dance:

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hey guys, i will be purchasing a KE70 from a mate for $150 soon and am planning on doing a drift build with it. I don't know heaps about mechanics and i know even less about these cars. If anyone on the forum is happy to help me through this that would be great.


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