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Teds Project Ke70 ~ The Blue Car


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G'day Chaps

Right, more things to purchase as usual & show  you all.. but life got in the way, it'll have to wait another week. No biggie.. !

Looking around at all the Ke70's on the road these days... they are what - around the 20 year old mark? lots of parts available and still common enough to tinker with before the bank manager comes knocking. 

So, whilst it was never something sold down here in Australia - and i'm yet to see another one on the road - Id like to start a trend and introduce the new front end (eventually) look for the blue car :




Thanks to the TRD brothers Chris & Scott, they have educated me on what needs to happen to convert the vehicle from the current Australian early front flat end to the Euro/NZ/JDM specification front.

Big round of applause to these guys for assisting me with the purchase of the Twin-headlight front end conversion. 

The front valiance panel (sits under headlights, behind front chrome bar) is different too. It has a couple of cut outs for the lights.

For now, i will be using the plastic Aus spec bumpers. The future may bring on more chrome, but that's another story.

Another point to note is the radiator support panel is different with the later Australian front ends and not compatible with twin headlight setup. *wipes head*


Tomorrow, we're off to the paint shop to get some more body supplies. See how we go, another storm about to roll over.  Thanks Brisbane weather. 

T-Man Out


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Don't think stereotypical purple... it's more like a deep ocean blue.

It's actually a factory Camry blue from the 90's would you believe.. not too many of them around luckily. 

Having a factory colour makes it easier to repair if the unthinkable happens in the future, too.

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