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What Makes You Happy Thread

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wmmh- when I'm driving the 38, the nods of apperication and thumbs up from strangers


WMMH: listing to music while I go for a spirited drive through the hills, Surfing, chilling out and having a few brews with some mates, and of course women.

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WGMG - Going to start car to go to trade school this morning & discovering my starter motor has shat itself...


Oh wait...wrong thread! :wink: :P


WMMH - Kharma, the guy in my class I shouted breakfast yesterday morning answering his phone & doing a short-notice detour to pick me up & bring me home! :y:


WMMH - Good scotch, ^^^ 7shades's post :laff:, building/making/modifying things, knowing that my greatest responsibilty at the moment is looking after my dog.

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