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All Jap Day Brisbane 5Th June 2016

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Members dont see this ad

hope you can mate..!

cos it seems like everytime we have an event or cruise, all leading up to it, you are pumped, spamming 'mos defs be there, yaya can't wait' posts, etc

then the day before 'oh guys, can't make it'




fingers crossed


nope its definetely happening zow, jess's cousin wants her to go to some expo with her on the same day, and its in brissy, so this shit is happening

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:lolcry: how much meat can we eat.......erm.....don't feed me you will be broke


That sounds like a challenge..


I sure hope I can make it this time, car's got a runny nose and I've just blown the POS Nissan alternator. I think you guys will like what I've done to the old girl.

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moke goes into the shop on the 8th for 1275 engine conversion and new brakes

he said it shouldnt take longer than a week, but he has a LOT of work on.

hoping its ready to come down there in her, or i may need to bum a lift or take the territory...lol

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