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All Jap Day Brisbane 5Th June 2016

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Members dont see this ad

i couldnt get there...

had plans of riding my MetRuck all the way down(at 60kph), lol

but i broke the Zorst twice, fixed it once, the last time i said Eff it and locked her up

then it rained anyway, so i wasnt so sad


hope it was a fun day

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I really want to take mine down, but I'm so skeptic of car meets in Queensland now! It's a shame, because I love taking my cars out regardless of what I have at the time.

Has anyone been to any of these in the previous couple of years? What has the road safety and police presence been like?

I would prefer not to be scrutinised when leaving the event.


<inb4 should be roadworthy

<inb4 young and stupid.

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