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All Jap Day Brisbane 5Th June 2016

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Members dont see this ad

It says 25 years and older. So I can't get in?

+ they will probably get upset when my 2way/button clutch wrecks the grass.


I don't think you have to worry about that. Last year some bloke in his Mazda made spaghetti all over the oval and no one punched him in the face, so I doubt you'll top that.


Besides, I saw more than plenty of -25 cars there past time 'round.

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looks like all the hard work on the rolla is over and i wont be able to brong it to the AJD which sucks big time the car just turns over and wont start changed the points and plugs and coil and coil resistor and still nothing hope to have it all ready for june maybe with wheels on here good ones :(


belive the reason why it wont start is how the previous owner connected the killswitch to the dizzy once removed car wont start any members on here that could help me out would be awsome if not will see you all there in my daily

parked out front

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Not liking the consistency and colour of Georges oil. Hopefully its just from water getting in the rocker breather when i degreased tje engine. Ill still come though.


And if i had my licence id rock down Chris


yea mate i know all good i am sure i will figure it out

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