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I'm John aka Tiger on the forums. I'm from Mill Park (Northern Suburbs, and yes, not far from Thomo and Lalor :)) ... I'm one of the Rolla Club Forum Moderators (in particular the Audio Section), so anything about stereos, don't be shy to ask.


I'm currently working on a project car now, which is a 1981 KE55 Corolla Sedan. It's a big job, so alot of time will go into this.. slow process, but hey, slow jobs all come in good time... with good results, true? (shrugs shoulders)

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There are pic in Sloths file even though he has knocked the corners off the paint work since photos were taken. he drives by touch ie; posts, tow trucks and numerous other things have touched him

I hate it when those posts jump out at you.


I see someone knows their way around Photoshop. :)

Its looks nice and slick in the pics anyway.

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Howdy peoples,


I'm down on the peninsula, and I've got a KE30 coupe. :)


She's going to be a motorkhana car, just a bit of a fun weekend project at the moment. Put the locked diff in last night, man that's fun!





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Kasey is a 1978 (I think...) Corolla Coupe that I picked up from $275. The wheels I got off ebay for $52, and yesterday I got a SAAS old school steering wheel and boss kit from the wreckers for $22. Had the diff locked and put in last night. :)


My mate just picked up a 1980 KE55 sedan. We were both given an orange KE30 sedan for parts. I swapped over the interior from it, with a few weighty items left out...




Enjoy! :D

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