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Advice On Changing My Ke55 Clutch

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Hi all,


I have a 1979 ke55 corolla sedan with a 4k motor. My clutch recently burnt out, at the worst time (330am whilst heading into town to pick up the missus), anyways I have a clutch on the way and I have no idea how to change it out, I managed to order a gregory manual for the ke55 to come with the clutch kit, just seeing if I could get some help and advice from here.

Like what tools will I need, what fluids should I buy before I start etc. Also if people have good knowledge of how to do it, a step by step guide would be awesome!

Cheers people, looking forward to the help

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Shit-easy excpet for ONE step.


-Disconnect battery


-Take out the gearlever.


Undo the driveshaft at the diff. (I asume its a one-piece d'shaft) Leave the d'shaft in the g'box unless you have a spare d'shaft 'nose', or oil will leak out everywhere.


Take out the starter motor bolts... good luck with that! Don't leave it hanging on the electrical wires.


Disconnect the clutch cable... which means take it off the pedal & into the engine bay.


Take off the flywheel/gearbox cover plate under the motor behind the sump. Take off the reinforcing lumps there as well.


Put a trolley jack under the g'box, take out the crossmember bolts, disconnect the speedo cable and reverse light wiring.


Take out all the bellhousing bolts and pull the box backwards carefully. Lower the jack as you move the box backwards to clear the gearlever mount. If it doesn't come out easily look for a reason. Wiggle it up and down or jam a screwdriver in the gap between the motor and g'box, but if it is not moving you've missed something.


You will probably end up under the car wriggling it out onto your chest, but the jack is a nice idea! Manual boxes are not heavy.


Take off the pressure & clutch plates, toss them away and clean everything up. The bellhousing will be filthy with carbon dust.


Put up your new clutch plate and pressue plate and put the bolts in finger tight. You can then put a screwdriver through the hole in the clutch plate into the back of the crankshaft and lever the clutch plate from sde to side a few mm... THIS is the hard part, you must have the clutch plate center lined up with the spigot bearing in the back of the crank so the gearbox shaft can slide straight through. Its worth buying a tool to do this if you can't line it up by sight. When you're happy with it, do the bolts right up.


Lift the box back up and slide it in. If it doesn't go in, put it in any gear and turn the d'shaft a little in case the splines haven't lined up. If it still doesn't go back in you probably don't have the clutch plate lined up. Pull it out and take another look..


When the box is back in just reassemble everything.


You should own a torque wrench, a trolley jack, and the clutch aligning tool is handy, although I've never owned one!

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I find the easiest way to line up the clutch is doing by feel. When you have the pressure plate slightly more than finger tight if you jam your finders in the side so you can feel the pressure plate and clutch disc on your fingertip. just do that all around the edge until you think its centered while using a screwdriver to carefully adjust the position of the clutch disc.

And make sure you put the clutch disc in the right way, coz it you put it back to front you have to take it all out again and start from scratch. Your kit should have diagrams in the box.

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