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Steerfast Rally Ke30 2 Door


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a new rally car project Ive just started

Suggest there was "an old rally car project" before... what was that one? Another Corolla?


At least you have started this the right way. Its hopeless trying to build a rally car without stripping it out completely and putting back only what you want.

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My last project which is under the blue car cover was a TA64 Group B Celica Replica.

Ill be competing in that car along side Tony and Chris Scott in this years Australian 2WD Rally Master Series and the WRC at Coffs.

I did start to build another Celica, But have been converted to Corollas, mainly by the TRD KE70.




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Hi Jimi, Engine will be a 2.4lt 2rz from a Hiace van with a 3rz hilux head.

Gearbox is a 6 speed tremec and suspension is from my spare ra65 celica with irs.

The track will be approx 160mm wider than standard so it will need flares.


WOW thats mental!!!! She will be one quick ride!!! Looking foward to seeing in flesh :D



See ya



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Iam amazed at the new aftermarket parts you can get for these old Corollas.

The new guards and bonnet turned up today, as well as the Tilton pedal box.

Iam building the car to run in AMSAG and the 2wd rallymaster series.

Not really building to any class regs. As long as the engine has the same number of cylinders and same make, everything else is free for the rallymaster.

more or less.

The car is being built to win events outright.




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