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Steerfast Rally Ke30 2 Door


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This will be the race motor for the new car. Photo is showing a complete 2.7 3rz motor, but just using the head.

This is going on a 2.4 2rz bottom end.

The 2.4 has a 86mm stroke "same as a 3sge that Mr Bates is using in his RA40 Celica" which will rev better than the 96mm stroke in the 3rz.

I was still not happy with the standard stroke ratio in the 2.4.

This is fixed by using 2jz Supra rods a Suzuki 1400 pistons.




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Hi Chris, These motors have quite a low comp ratio, 8.7 or 9.1. as standard.

Most of the forgies that are on the market are made for low comp turbo use for the 3rz.

The bores are huge for a 4 cyl engine, so trying to find 96mm flat tops or dome tops to raise comp was not easy.

To get a set custom made would cost over $1000,

I found these by JE Pistons to suit a 1400 V twin Suzuki. 10.5 comp with a higher pin to suit the longer 2jz rods.

$500 for a set of 4 forgies . 96mm and much lighter than standard.



Toyota made a 2rz with the twin cam head, but we did,nt get it here in aus, so the 3rz head will bolt straight on with the correct timing cover.


Turbos are allowed in the 2wd Amsag series. There are allready a couple of turbo Datsun 1600s

Just keep the same number of cylinders and the same manufacturer.


In rally, a turbo engine and a na motor just require different driving styles. There are good and bad reasons for both.




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