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Little Red Rolla - Ke10 Build

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Thanks! I've followed your project since I found this forum :) It would be nice to come and see your Rally Rolla if I visit Norway next summer. I have some relatives living in Flora.


whats done to the engine apart from the Huge cam? I'm building a 3k myself so I'm kind of curius... your engine got theese valves with the stem seal on top of the retainer ? :)


The head is ported and the valves have this three-angle grinding. It might be lowered a bit, but I'm not sure about that. Exhaust and intake are stock, but they restrict power a lot.


Reason why I wont buy new exhaust manifold and new carburettor is that they cost so much for so little power. I've been thinking of building this "3age" when this car is ready. In Finland the maximum upgrade of engine is 25% more to capacity and 20% more power in comparison to the biggest engine of the same model. Biggest engine of KE1x is 1.2l so it could be changed to 1.5l (3A) and then everything else than block from 4AGE and it would be legal! :P The power would propably go over limit, but you can restrict the engine a bit for the vehicle inspection.


I'm not quite sure about the stem seal... If I remember right there is no seal on top of the retainer, but inside/under the spring.. I'm not sure about this thought!

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Feel free to drop by ;) I live in Vang in Valdres, a bit further east than flora :) ahhh your can't take the brakes from a ae86 and then put a 4age in either?

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ahhh your can't take the brakes from a ae86 and then put a 4age in either?


Unfortunately no, it's very strict here.. But if I build the 3AGE I think I could get around 160-170hp from it without turbo. In that case they will ask me to get a dyno sheet from "official" dyno shop. Then I need to have megasquirt and spark to control fuel and ingition maps to get the power a lot lower.


My text might be bit messy but I think you'll get the point, it's very easy to get big amounts of power if the displacement is right :)

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Today (9.4) Was a good day. Perhaps my birthday and that I got my license had to do something with that ;) This day has gone cruising with my dads E60 8D


But to the Corolla! As always I've been busy with school so the progress is slow but I see light at the end of the tunnel! I've now finished all the big body work except the drivers side door (read passengers side).


The door is not far away from being ready as ive already made the new pieces of panel and tap welded them to place, I let someone more experienced weld them completely. I also sandblasted the actual door body and painted it.





Sandblasted, primered and painted:



Fresh metal:


I didn't want to butt weld them, so they overlap and I fix the shape with body



This is where the door is now. I also bought set of Martelius extractors, had to modify them alot, but I made it fit! Also got some fresh falkens for my minilites.. problem is that the car has lots of positive camber :( And I need to lower the front a bit so they will look better.




I do regret that I didn't buy the 7 inch wides with ET 0.. These wheels look bit regular. But as I don't have money to buy new wheels and tyres again, these will have to do :)

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The car is hopefully going to the paint shop in May 7th!! :) I'll do a big update when I start to assemble the car for rego.


Now to the question I have.. Is there some kind of carb that is larger than the original and fits the original manifold with no mods or with small adapter? I think I've heard of some downdraft Dellorto?


And I also finished the brakes! Runs badly due to too small carb but stops well atleast!

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Hello - great project! Adapter plates for 32/36 Webers are available.

Thanks! I think I need to forget all the aftermarket carbies for a while as they are quite expensive.


I've been trying to get the car running smooth with the stock aisan.. car runs quite well when hot but when cold it pops like it had a launchcontrol of those 1000hp huge turbo Supras.. It wont idle tought.. first I noticed that the idle mixture screw does nothing and the car idles so high rpm that its not using the idle circuit.. then when I tried to lower the idle from the other screw it first didn't do anything and then drop dead..


I tought at this point that the idle circuit has to be full of crap. It was and I cleaned it, atleast I think its clean now but still the same problem as before cleaning.


What is the function of parts 47 and 60 in the carb? I know that this is not the exact same carb but the parts look same:



Heres couple of piccies of the car atm just for your entertainment :P





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Little Red Rolla finally worth its name! ;)



This is just a picture that the painter sent me. Haven't seen it yet.. Going to get it home next Friday i'm super excited!

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Looks great! the paint job is looking really good! how much did you pay for it? with a bit of lowring the car would look absolutely stunning :D

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Paint job cost 500€ including the final surfacer and wet sanding.


with a bit of lowring the car would look absolutely stunning

I agree! Also wider wheels to rear. :)


I am having some difficulties with fitting head lamps. should the base part connect straight to body or is there supposed to be washers? My lamp "base" goes only so deep that it leaves roughly 1 cm gap between body and itself.

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Still having difficulties with the headlamps! Left side is good, but just can't get the right side fit. If someone could help me with this that would be awesome!



left side ready (lamp is straightened after this photo)



right side wont fit because the lamp surrounding is hitting the chrome surroundings attachment pieces.


Closer look:




I also changed a bigger carb from a 2 liter crown engine:



Oh man the car looks like its ready already in this photo:



The front panel I don't have yet attached is almost ready for paint! The painter who painted this car sandblasted, straightened, welded, primered, putted this rubber kind of compound that helps with keeping rust and rock hits from destroying the part and will paint the part only for 100€ :)


BTW sorry for the huge pics! I did resize them, but I forgot that 480x 360 is too big and the photbucket is so slow I don't want to resize them again :S


E: I did resize pics to 480x360 but for some reason photobucket made them 800x600...

E2: And now the photos are good again.. mysterious photbucket

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Got the front panel today! :)


Still no progress with the headlamp.. does anyone have any idea why the lampbase does not fit? :S

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