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Steerfast Rally Ta64 Group B Celica


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It is a lot of money, and Makela is the only place in the world to get an exact reproduction works body kit for these cars.

I guess if you really want one, thats what you have to pay. There are a lot of body mods to fit those panels as well, they wont bolt to a standard shell. Mostly from the A pillar forward.


Ive sold the old car, but still have the molds. They are already laid up with another set of panels ready for this car next year.

It took 12 months and countless hours of looking at the Makela photos from a lot of different angles to get the shape of my molds looking half right.

Still have many more hours to work out the metal work for this one as well.

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Ive been making a tally of a few bits I need.


The inside door handles, and their bezels, and the centre console stereo block off or pocket that goes below. Mine had the 2 row stock hifi which has been pulled and it has a hole under the head unit now which I'm sure something can close off.


A straight rear bumper would be good too.


Thats about it really.


I'm passing through tba twice today, once this morning and once tonight on the way home. If I can stop in and see you that would be good, if not, another time.

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Its been a while.


Now the GT4 Celica 165 is all but ready for this years QRC and a bunch of other projects are coming to an end, I find myself revisiting this project.


Chris Scott has been here for a day already cutting stuff out.





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Great work Craig ,i thought i seen this for sale?on some site .


Removing the front seat cross member is good idea ,i had trouble getting the front seats low enough and back .


Do you compensate as far as strength goes.


Or do the rhs seat mount make up for this ?


Keep up the good work rob

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Hey Rob.


Ive never had any trouble with the floor after removing the x member. Its really only there to bolt the standard seats to.

No real need to compensate I think, although this car will have a flat floor with a chassis rail as per the group b car.


Removing all the captivated nuts to reduce weight. The holes will be covered with foil tape before paint.



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