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Steerfast Rally Ta64 Group B Celica


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Members dont see this ad

This one is all about being as close as poss to a real one.

Wont race this one. Its for show and will be for sale.

The old one was displayed by the Australian Rally Museum at Rally Q a few years ago.

Might see if they want to put it in their display at Coffs when its done.


Strip down has started.




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Thanks Rob.


Yep, all the body mods and fabrication as near as I can get them.

The roll cages were very basic back then, but I will build it with modern spec tubing so if it ends up racing, someone can just add to it and make it current.

They were just bolt in and did'nt even have a brace on the main hoop.

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Hi Pete,

Yep Ive seen the site.

A few years ago I was in contact with Mr Makela about a body kit for my first car. It was going to cost approx $30,000aus for the panels.

This was when they were restoring the first car. I would also have to sign a document to state the panels would not be reproduced or copied.

So I made my own as my car was going to be rallied with possible panel damage.


There is a fellow in NZ who has bought a body kit from Finland and the car is being built by Neil Allport I believe.

Iam sure he told me he paid $25000 but he did'nt get the fibreglass doors.


The new project should really start to happen early next year.


Have a great Xmas.



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