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Ke70Daves New Euro Toy


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Ok well third day of driving to work, done about 100km with that seat in.

Amazing what a new seat does! car actually feels a bit slower than before cause i dont have to hold onto the hand brake or lean against the door when going around corners:P

Back of the seat does need to come up a tad, ill modify on the weekend and hopefully get the other seat in too. 



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So I got both seats in. Looks pretty good. 

I also got all 4 wheels straightened and machined at "doctor wheels" at yatala. Highly recommend their work. My job is to refurbish them now. This is after 1 pass of paint stripper to remove the 30yr old clear coat. Another go of the paint stripper to finish it off, some polishing and I think ill paint the centres a charcoal grey perhaps.



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haha yep, they are quite cool.

Zero achievements on the car this week.

We are actually full bore into house renovations, with the mad rush on for our small person to be born start of october.

Things er....escalated with the house renos. Basically a full strip of the house back to frame except for the kitchen and bathroom. Rewired the place, Ethernet everywhere, new lights and fans, insulation...polished floor boards all new paint.....gawd too much work!

But give it a few more weeks and we'll done and dusted and ready to sit, work on cars and drink beer.



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I reckon if you paint the centres and barrels white to match the body you will have that 80s rally look that I love so much.

So much progress since my last click on the thread, and so much progress in your life too with buying a house and baby on the way.  I couldn't be happier for you.


Have you considered fitting e30 m3 gaurds to fit the wheels?  I assume thats a replicated thing in the aftermarket.



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Full white wheels hey, had not considered that. will have to have a looksy. how about white centres and polished lips?

I have achieved precisely zero on those wheels since last post:)

Life is flipping upside down to be honest, work is psychotic, crazy work on house, baby on the way.....need some time to rest! Currently on the look out for a less intense job. 

Once the dust settles i might even get you around matt to have a bit of a discussion on cabinetry for the kitchen:)

I actually purchased 2 second hand front e30 guards the other day. both in pretty good condition. Going to see what i can do with them to gain some extra room. A mate from university runs a small carbon fibre business, we are possible going to make some carbon fibre copes of them.

He suggested to glue some forming foam to the guards, and shape it to look a bit more wide body, then just lay up over the foam. Realistically i only need another 15-20mm. Perhaps i can just add foam and "pump" the whole guard profile so to the untrained eye they will look stock. Although i need to ensure i don't go too agressive cause the rears will still be close to stock. 

The M3 guards look awesome, but they very agressive and would not suit oem rear guards. the M3 guards also suit the plastic bumpers, not the chrome bumpers.

I still dive the e30 daily, gets about 50km most days, never misses a beat, i have litterally done nothing to it in months. Starts every time and just purs along gettin on average 11L/100km suburban driving .Time to change the oil soon, thats about as exciting as it gets.

All of these projects are secondary to the house at the moment, but i just pick up parts when i can. 



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On 09/10/2017 at 1:28 PM, ke70dave said:

haha well i'm taking sponsorship for my m3 purchase. 

Completely moved into house now, workshop setup, car lives in the garage too. Let the projects begin.


Aren't we all. It was an absolutely stunning condition car too. Is a leather option car factory, so he had Renault cup leathet front seat(original front seats were mint) and a ppm brake upgrade. Rolled up on my lunch break, I nearly fell over when I saw it. Once I'd lifted my jaw off the floor I thought it'd be a good idea to get a photo and slam it on here.


Goodto hear you're finished with the renos. I hate doing that crap with a passion. Haha


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Well time goes on, 

Our son was born 11th of October, 1 week over due. hes been kick goals ever since, coming up on 4 weeks old yeserday, time flies!

So not alot of work done on the ol' bmw at all. 

I have got a new job about 1 month ago and Im being paid a car allowance so the car is getting approximately 1260km/week at the moment. never misses a beat and the best fuel economy ive gotten now is 7.22L/100km! better than the wifes forestor! pure highway up and down the sunshine coast with the AC cranked.

If this job keeps up i might buy a work ute or something and retire the BMW from daily duties, but for now its going great. 

I actually prefer to drive the bmw than the forester.BMW must have loads of sound deadening and tight seals so apart from the low frequency exhaust noise there is hardly any noise inside the cabin at all. Forester has alot of wind and road noise. 

I did purchase a second hand megasquirt from a mate of mine, the same MS i have played with all these years on rotaries. I've purchased the plugs to make an adapter loom and thats where that project has sat for 4 weeks:P

I have also purchased replacement bonnet, drivers door and guards, will try and pick up an air compressor and see about spray painting those the correct color. the bonnet is blue and the guards and bonnet are red. I suppose i could be a patriotic american for a while...

Still undecided what to do with suspension, Im leaning towards getting oem replacement bilstein shocks and keeping the factory springs. Given how much highway i am doing and how little hoon driving i do i think that is the best option, about 700 for a set of 4. later i can up the spring rate and by internet accounts the bilsteins will handle it. It does have the "mtech" suspension already which is slightly stiffer and slightly lower than standard, so perhaps they will be a good fit. 

Not to mention  how much time i don't have to be developing suspension....

At some stage i would like to buy a 4 door e30 and get it on the road. The coupe is cool but like all coupes not the most useful thing with daily life and kids. As the little one gets a bit older might be useful to have 4 doors. 4 doors are worth alot less than 2 doors so i reckon i could get a pretty good condition one for pretty cheap. As long as the body and paint is good all the rest i can easily fix. Then i could probably sell the coupe and make a few dollars if i ever get it painted. 


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Congrats on the new addition to the family.  There's really nothing like it, its indescribable.

Happy to hear how reliable and efficient the BMW is, thats some good engineering at work.  I always thought the e30 is the car the ke70 tried to be, its just come up short on refinement, power and high speed ability.  lol.



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hah well the  ke70 was probably also about 30% of the price of an e30 and it has about 10% of the performance :P

Next thing on the list is cup holders. I think i will design something up in autocad and get it 3d printed by a mate, damn car has no cup holders!

I cant keep driving 258km per day without a cup holder. 

I actually put those wheels up for sale a few weeks back to test the waters, not even a nibble, though maybe the price was a bit high...... They are just too damn agressive for daily driving.  So i might just put them aside for now and just get some new tyres for the 14" wheels. There are just limited options in 14" and the few good options are damn expensive. I did get some el cheapo hankook k415 something for the front a few months back, for 80bucks each its hard to complain, might just get them for the rear too. 

If anyone has any leads on decentish 14" tyres that wont break the bank i would be interested in hearing from you. 

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