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My 20V KE70


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Hey guys I’m Finally starting on my project, I’ve had this Rolla for about 4 years, I drove it for about 2 years it started to show signs of rust, I was about to start cutting the rust out but had to move house and parked it at my parents place and bought a motorbike.

So it sat there for 2 years and now I have a place with a small shed so I have brought it home to start fixing her. 




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Arrgh! That's why we live on the West of the Great Dividing Range!

Get a hobby that means travelling out past Kingaroy & carry business cards with your number and "Hi I'd love to buy your KE70 to restore" on them..  Drive slowly through small country towns and look in people's back yards..  I know where there's a Stanza and last week I saw a 200B wagon. 

I found a clean, rustfree flatfront at Lightning Ridge a few years back, but never followed it up. They are still out there and they don't rust away from the sea.



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