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Ke30 Lower control arm specs

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wondering if anyone could tell me the length of ke20 and ke30 LCA lengths? (Centre of ball joint to centre of bushing)

also want to know if a ke20 ball joint will fit into ke30 LCA? And if ke20 caster arms and sway bar link bolt in to the ke30 lower arms?

basically wanna use the aftermarket T3 ke30 LCA’s in my ke20 




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Ke20 are the longest of the Corolla lcas


From memory ke20 is approx 325mm while ke30 is 310mm


Unless they have a ton of adjustment they won’t be long enough and you’ll end up with positive camber. 

What’s the reason for wanting longer Lca’s? Just for camber?

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The t3 aftermarket LCA’s extend 1.5” (38.1mm) so they should adjust enough to fit 

just wanting to run something aftermarket instead of stock LCA’s 

also need to find out if ke20 ball joint will fit into ke30 lca’s?
or if I’ll have to get my steering arm lathed to suite ke30 taper ball joint 

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