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Hey guys so I am wanting to upgrade my dizzy to an Electronic Distributor, I was watching Dylans video of him installing his electronic dizzy on the old "The Fellas Network" YouTube Channel:



I was wondering those Ebay Electronic Distributors for 4K's will they work.


Or do you need the OEM style Electronic Distributor



Any info is appreciated.



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They bolt straight in, but if you feel the performance is pretty dull afterwards you will have to sort out the weights and springs under the base plate. There's a writeup here-


and sorting out the springs is here-



Overall, its a great idea and much more reliable over time.


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Or you could keep your old dizzy and install an Accuspark module into it. I installed one in my daughters KE55 Hardtop 4K. It took about an hour to install and set up and I haven't had to touch it since and that was a bunch of years ago. I think the kit was about $80 best investment for reliability.



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My Dizzy

Distributor.thumb.jpg.dde2a40b5bb2c4ce0f8465d4c2a65e69.jpgOther Style Dizzy






























My Distributor that I have has the condensor built inside of the distributor itself where as the other style distributor has it mounted on the outside, I think the two differences between the distributors is some 4KC engines used either the bosch distributor or denso style distributor.

I do not think the AccurSpark Kit is compatible with my Distributor in saying that would I be able to put the other style dizzy on my KE70 and run the AccuSpark Kit.

Or would it be best to go straight to an electronic distributor, the only thing is those ebay electronic distributors do nott show what its like inside with the cap off so not really sure which one I purchase or will any one work fine.

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The dizzy on my daughters 4k was a bosch one but I am sure that accuspark make the modules for both types. I can't remember the company that I bought it from. if you google Accuspark I'm sure it will come up. They were based in NSW. I had to send the guy photos to confirm the correct unit.

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The Accuspark module, basically replaces the points in a compatible distributor body, with a non contact Hall Effect device.  It also has an ignitor built in, but does not have the amperes switching ability; to drive a impedance/high amps/Hi Performance "sports", ignition coil, without the risk of the inbuilt Accuspark module failing.

However, they are extrememly reliable, & I've still got one in use on my daily drive; & like Graeme above, it's been in service for years.  However, It has no effect on the timing advance of the spark; & still relies on the little bob weighs & fiddly springs, in the base of the dissy body, under the contact points plate. Unfortunately, when these dizzies get old, all those little fine spings & bob weighs do not work well, if at all; as rarely does that plate get removed & all the moving bits get lubricated with sewing machine oil. 

The Electronic dizzies on ebay, do have the advantage of having new bob weighs & springs, but the advance curve, may not suit your engine, as I am led to believe, they used an advance curve more suited to the 5K engine.  That's why many of them, are labelled 5K electronic dizzy, on ebay.

In my 4K-U engine, I used a 3K dizzy, which is the small narrow one.  That is the body the Accuspark unit was designed for.  I didn't use the bob weights & springs, but "locked" the shaft up, & added an external programable inition system, where you could map the advance curve.

Just looking at your olde dizzy; I doubt the Accuspark module would suit or fit it.

By all means grab an ebay one, & it will work, but understand, that the advance curve might not be ideal.

Have a read of previous discussions, here on Rollaclub; about the Accuspark alternative, back about 6 years ago.


Here is a guy replacing a dizzy on a 4 banger.  Happens to be a Mini, but the techniques are simmilar to your K Series engine.


The link in our previous thread back a few years, for purchasing Accuspark products doesn't work.

The current address & contacts, is as follows . . .


They also appear to have an on-line ebay store.




Suits the Nippondenso Dizzy, used on 3K & 4K engines.

Cheers Banjo





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Hey Guys just and update, I was able to find a Electronic Ignition Kit for the Bosch Style Distributors, I just hope its compatiable as I do not know the part number for the old bosch style distributors but by looking at the point type and the description stating the kit is used for bosch 1 hand piece points distributor it should work fine.






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Okay guys I tried to install the PowerSpark Electronic Ignition kit and the engine did not want to crank over. This kit may not be compatible with my type of Bosch distributor, unless I have missed a important step. I recorded myself trying to install the kit so if anyone has any idea of what I did wrong or insight into what the problem might be feel free to let me know.



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Well I think I found the root of my problem being the coil being the wrong way and having the wires connected incorrectly, I will have to try to install the electronic ignition module next weekend, when I have some more time I will keep you posted.

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