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  1. I put mesh in mine, painted toyota in the mesh with silver paint. just experiment i spose
  2. yeh thats what they are but i duno what they are called either
  3. hmm thats bad luck.... it sucks when things like that happen
  4. nhillau

    nhill ke30

    my collection of ke's
  5. hey, I'm using forester gt seats I'm my ke30, they wern't too bad to fit and are very cumfy...nice nice nick
  6. $1700 that greenish ke20 sold for, its been sitting at my work for weeks having work done to pass rego inspection.
  7. oh yeah thats true. I'm gana be using a pair of solex's off a 2tg on my 3t. can't wait ti get them on and get rid of the 32/36
  8. wow, 20 psi into stock 4k! thats awsum
  9. hmm ok iv got dog poo on my boot
  10. nice wags man. great engine conversion. i like it a lot!!!! Nick
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