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I Think Its Time We Went For A Cruise

flat out

Cruise or Meet!?  

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hmm i wouldnt know enough people with rollas enoguh to be enough if you know what i mean, i know one or two people with old corollas but nothing really, I'm into the rotary scene down here not rollas Lol, but a rolla cruise would be awesome tho so i'll just sit back and let plans unfold and if it works for me then consider me there

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Yeah I know, bout time I got down there for a rotor cruise......but yeah thats the thing, gotta come down there!!! :D


Were as everybody rollaclubber 'up' here's happy to meet in the middle!!


I'm more than happy to meet up in the middle but thats just whether or not theres enough interest from both ends, hence why I'm just going to sit back and if plans can work with what I'm able to do then make my appearence there a near certainty

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