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I Think Its Time We Went For A Cruise

flat out

Cruise or Meet!?  

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what about a northern cruise through "that famous road in the valley"?


get the north west guys and the launny guys (and girls shouldn't be sexist) and any southern people that aren't scared to drive past the bridewater bridge


could be fun, and abit of friendly competition on that road, and maybe a stop in deloraine for lunch?


edit: also ive reserved my seat in tassies (if not australia's) best keto :hmm:

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Chit chat deleted. :y:


Daim, you should who what I'm like by now.....you and Az just took the bait!! :hmm: I'm an ae86dc member now too, just don't use it much.


WE NEED A SHOW OF HANDS OF SOUTHERN MEMBERS INTERESTED!! As if there's only a couple, we may be able to revised the route for Launy/NW guys only.


Casey originally mentioned a state cruise, so that's what I ran with. Don't want the same sort of thing here that always happens with tasrotary.com - They're mainly Hobart guys and always want to have a "state rota cruise" but won't go north of Bridgewater.....but still expect us northerns to come. I frankly have no intentions on going on one until they can more accomodating to us!

What I'm getting at is: Do we want to do a state cruise, and bite the bullet on fuel......or make it north only (with southerners welcome) and cruise round here somewhere?

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hektic: that would be fine with me, nice and local (10mins away)


as long as people don't go too crazy (stay in your lane) shouldn't be a problem but there are quite a few tourists, caravans and boats on that road during the day. other skid meets have been quite successful 20+cars, hard to find a parking spot. probaly not an all day thing but for a few hours for sure.


another potion would be the sidling (is that what you call it?). only been threw there once at night and almost died due to headlights not shining over crests... lol. loved it when i could see, a top road get ya slig on...


simmon, i know mate wasn't taking "offence" don't really take much notice of you "rollaclub bogans" seriously with your pushrods and what not.. :hmm:


hektic, i think daims kesev would have to be in the top 3 in aus for the level of presentation. as for performance, prepared to be owned by a 4ac goodness lol!

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i haven't exactly done these roads so bare with me but is it possible,

to cruise (ha-ha) from launceston to poatina, doing the descent (ment to be an awesome road) stopping in poatina to re-group and for a drink,

then head to the valley, for a few runs maybe not hours but for abit,

then cruise back to deloraine for more refreshments before going our seperate ways (north west guys going back to devonport etc) and the rest heading back to launny for maybe a bbq somewhere? BYO everything :hmm:


just throwing some ideas around.


I'm assuming joash, brendo, justin and the rest would all be welcome?


also aaron it is okay you can call me johnny

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ah i didnt know it was you johnny..


joash dosent have his sprinter going and i dunno if brendo would bring his (chump aka turbo) sprinkeler out and his ke10 is too hardcore for much street driving really and i don't want to get owned by a 3k. justin is fairly busy to so yeah...

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Right....well the only southerners who have even replied are Webb an Mookie, so we might as well just make this a northern cruise, but hese guys are still more than welcome to come!!


Next decision is location. Yes the sideling is an awesome road, but something west of Launceston may be a better idea considering we'll (hopefully) have a few NW boys!!

That way we could say all meet in Launy, cruise the hills, finish in say Deloraine, and split.


Also opinions on a tentative date of Sunday May 4th???????

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Sounds like a goer, May 4th is a good date, because it's a Sunday!! And I should have Tofu rolling 4 forward gears via man-shift by then too!! :nervous:


I can't think of many roads west of Launnie that'll be fun off the top of my head though....... Someone want to PM me some Google Earth Co-ordinates to give me some idea of where we'll be heading please? *looks to Si*


/rubs hands in anticipation.......

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Up Poatina, down through deloraine..............Hills Benny boy, hills!!! |blink|


Dude, I have a 4K! It just won't die but hills confuse it!!


But then again, hills mean corners, and corners means skids........ I think I'm gonna have fun...... :nervous:

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