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I Think Its Time We Went For A Cruise

flat out

Cruise or Meet!?  

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ok well guys i have ran this past simon and i think we should go for a cruise


the idea i have had it for all of us to meet at ross or cambeltown for a BBQ and mabey some photo's


would give us all a chance to meet some boys we didnt know,


date isnt decided but it will be in April


plans for the lonny boys will to meet at say south launceston mc'donalds around 9:30 ish, leave around 10 in a convoy of corolla's (and a L plater cressy)


pm me any other info that you think should be on here, ill also do a head count if you say your in!

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Ok boys and girls.


Befor we organise dates etc, I want to know exactly what you guys want to do!!!

I have added a poll to Casey initial post for this, please have you say and complete the poll.


Just to explain the poll a little more........


Do you want to have a north/south meet up in a central location like Ross. We can have a group BBQ, and just hang around Ross and chat, look at each others cars etc. Basically just the same as the old Launy rollaclub meets, but obviously the whole state, not just 1 city.




Do you want meet up somewhere central, have a quick chat/food/piss and hit the road again for a group cruise!?

If people are interested in doing this, then I already have a nice route planned. It involves some driving over the lakes/poatina roads, is the same distance for both northerners, southerners, and even the coast (W) boys!!!


Pending interest I will release more details on the route.

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Ok people, little dissapointed in the votes :D ......do we only have 5 active members left!?


Here is a pic of the cruise route I mentioned befor.......




It can be run either way....ie, we meet in Campbelltown, cruise through the lakes to Oatlands and split, or meet in Oatlands cruise through to Campbelltown and split.

Either way its quite even in the distances travelled, as its like 1/3 up, 2/3 back or vice-versa depending on which way we go.


Any NW coast guys who wanted to come, have to option of leaving the cruise up at the lakes and heading home through Deloraine.


Here is also a rough time table for the day.....if say we met in Oatlands as pictured:


1030 - Launceston guys meet somewhere and head south.

1100 - Hobart Guys meet somwhere and head north

1200 - Everybody meets up in Oatlands and has a chat etc

1300 - Head west into the hills

1500 - Re-conviene in Campbelltown (2 hours for the 'hills cruise' part is being very generous. Just depends how many stops we have, learner drivers etc)

1530 - Respective parties head to home.

1615 - Launy guys get back

1645 - Hobart guys get back


What does everybody think!!!???

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some ae86dc "poofters" use these forums too :hmm:



ah what about an all north day? i dunno if i cbf going down to ross lol, dunno if i can afford fuel and eats.. casey you could ride shotgun in my keto, wouldn't be keen on taking your cressy threw hills, id roll it :D

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