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Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

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One step closer to startup again, injectors have been fitted, and also installed a set of rocker arm stoppers.

While I had the plenum off I gave it a few hours of love and polished it, and painted the rocker cover with a lick of wrinkle finish paint.

I also tapped the outlets to suit some new fittings, the catch can I had didn't meet CAMS regs, It was about half a litre too small, so I need to fab a new one.

New Z32 AFM fitted and base tune has been done to get it running and able to drive to the tuners.

Still have to run the new brake lines for the second set of brake calipers and fit the hanbrake.

Also need to fit the rear swaybar bar as well.

So heaps to do and prep before the next event in early December, the sprint series actually starts on the 7th of November but no chance of making the first round.




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Hey mate was wondering wear I could get one of those lips from? Looks good. Thanks


The lip was from Thailand I will dig up the guys details and pass them on, the lip was a perfect fit made to suit the earlier ke35 apron,

It won't fit the later ones with a little bottom lip.



soo shiny :o looks awesome!!


Thanks, they never stay that shiny though!!

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Would the lip fit a 79 ke55 you think?

Or anyway to make it fit?


No, 79 ke 55 usually has the later apron, if your going to cut it up you may as well get a universal one.

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New catch can finished and hoses fitted, also painted and finished the rear brakes.

Looks kinda weird with two calipers, still waiting on the actual handbrake mechanism to arrive from the states.

And the sway bar mounts have been welded onto the diff as well, just have to drill and fit the mounts into the chassis rails.

Really need to start using the real camera again.



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Ok, time for some updates and photos from the latest round of mods.

I cracked out the digital camera and took some proper photos this time.

There also is a couple of vids from the last event i need to put up as soon as i figure out how.

First off the hydro all fitted and finished, works great, so much easier to whip around the those hair pins now.

Only thing is the hand brake lever took the place of the radio, gonna have took put it some where else, also fitted the remote fluid canister

post-4551-0-41822000-1388162024_thumb.jpg post-4551-0-78717000-1388162062_thumb.jpg post-4551-0-01722500-1388162102_thumb.jpg


Rear sway bar got rid of that slight understeer



Latest engine bay pics, also made up a brake master cylinder brace/stopper.

post-4551-0-02863400-1388163083_thumb.jpg post-4551-0-42960900-1388163522_thumb.jpg post-4551-0-86406000-1388163148_thumb.jpg


And some random shots just for the hell of it!

post-4551-0-89247500-1388164881_thumb.jpg post-4551-0-44001800-1388164937_thumb.jpg post-4551-0-88340300-1388165021_thumb.jpgpost-4551-0-59856400-1388165077_thumb.jpg

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how did you manage to squeeze that front mount in and retain the bonnet release/rad support ?


Caibs check out page 6, it kind of explains how.

If you need more info let me know, are you going to add some forced induction to yours?

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ahhhhh thats awesome. thanks for pointing that out, i had read & seen that before actually, just forgot whos thread it was on haha.


i really like how you haven't butchered the front end to get the cooler in. it looks heaaaaaaps better than a big ol' dirty front mount hacked into the grill.


i think i'll eventually put a turbo on, once i get a decent diff & some larger brakes.

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Next rally sprint is on the 23 of this month and the last couple of runs of the event are at night.

So I had to fit some better lighting, the factory sealed beams are like candles.

I bought an LED light bar and mounted it on the bumper utilising the number plate holes.

Also hooked up an intercooler water spray, you have to wait in line about 5 minutes for your run, so this should help with the heat soak.

It's my first tarmac rally stage with a navigator and my wife is navigating for the first time, should be interesting......

I mean fun!!

So for the sake of our relationship I went all out and got us a couple Stilo helmets with built in intercoms.

We shouldn't be screaming at each other over the noise of the car.

The course is 3.5km long, 4 timed runs, 2 clockwise and 2 anticlockwise.

You get one reconasance run at 60km.

There are some serious rally cars entering this and my car is probably the least prepped.

Check it out at www.rallysprints.com

Will be happy just to finish in one piece.



Photos up soon.

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