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Parts Car Appreciation Thread.

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Hi guys.


I'm sure we are all familiar with the idea of a parts car. Some may call them donor cars, parts whores etc.


They are an essential tool in building other better cars, and are essential to every restoration.


I was looking through some older photos and thought why not start a thread to remember them by.


Ill begin.


The only rule is that they must be as stripped and flogged looking as possible, as close to the end as possible.





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I'm amazed you didnt sell some of those ke70's for an over inflated price to guys on 86dc, my 86 parts car sold for $1500 with chronic bent chassis and epic rust. :dance: pix for the lulz when I get home.


(teddy was is 1500 or 2000?)

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Dude there are maybe half a dozen guys in Cairns who even know what a KE is, let alone anyone who's actually building one. The closest person I could even sell PARTS to is 400k's away... Shells I just send to the crusher.

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7Shades, that red AE86 was overrated!


I wasn't too bad before some Takumi tryhard collected a large immovable piece of the power grid with it.


I named it "The Pole Dancer" and it donated various bits of its corpse to about 5 different cars :dance:

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The best donor car I've ever has is my KE55 (in my display pic). We originally bought it to steal the doors and then realised it was in way better condition than the other car, we ended up stealing a door from the original project car.


Since then I've had a green KE35 which had the 7k, 5sp box and 2in exhaust in it, but we just stripped out those parts and sent it to the wreckers (massive mistake).


The next one was a KE wagon (can't remember what it was). Bought it for $200 to steal the engine from. Got it with a months rego and a full tank of fuel, so I drove it till the rego expired then stole the engine and we got rid of the shell (again a big mistake). The car was awesome, it drifted like a dream!!


I've got pics of the green car, but since we didn't destroy it and the pics like nice I didn't post them :laff: Our problem has always been no having anywhere to store the cars :D.


A mate of mine who was into bluebirds once had three donor cars in the driveway (only for a day). One of them got put up on newspapers. The newspapers were still holding it the last time I saw it (3 or 4 years ago) and at that point it had been on them for 2 or 3 years, will have to see if the car is still there. While it was up on the awesome newspaper stand it had stripes painted on it, a design on the side and the rims painted gold, looked hilarious.

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