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Name: Jason


Car: 1981 KE70


Motor & Driveline: 4agte using smallport 4age and Blitz K24 turbo kit, Trust FMIC, MAP 4agze ECU and electronics, 2.25" mandrel exhaust


Suspension & Brakes: MA61 front brakes on AA60 carina struts converted to coilovers with koni inserts, whiteline swaybars, panhard rod, strut brace, KYB commodore shocks and low king springs in the rear, T series disc-brake LSD rear end, S15 Master cylinder


Wheels & Tyres: Watanabe 15x7 all round with polished lip


Interior: Recaro seats from EVO2


Body: In the process of being resprayed


Other: Swapping to AE71 doors with integrated side mirrors and a few other things planned.





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Members dont see this ad

Name : Jason


Car Ae71 - Spirit


Motor & Driveline: 4agze, T50, T18 rear end


Suspension & Brakes : Front 330lb coilovers, slotted and vented DBA rotors quad pot calipers

Rear: 180lb coilover, standard T18 drums

Whiteline sway bars front and back


Wheels & Tyres :Some random mesh wheel


Interior : Black and white vinyl, custom dash work


Body : Hopefully silver, shaved badges


Other: SC14, megasquirt II chip with V3 board



Pics: Do you really want to see a bare shell?

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Name: Steve


Car: 1983 AE71


Motor & Driveline: 86KW 16v 4AGE, T50 Gearbox, Standard Borg Warner diff.


Suspension & Brakes: Lowered Springs, Whiteline Swaybars front and rear.


Wheels & Tyres: 15" Old School Soarer Mags.


Interior: Factory Poo Brown...... Ohhhhh Yeah!


Body: Factory Purple :)


Other: This car takes my money like it was going out of fashion.




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loving this thread guys.... being a ke70 owner and all. I'll have to post up some more pics of mine soon.


Loving the fact that alot have either the 4age or agze conversion. Something I really want......


CSX 16 - nice rims! I'm going for a set of those (from an ma61 supra?)

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