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Name: Josh


Car: 1983 KE70 SE


Motor & Driveline: Standard 4K-C and K40 box.


Suspension & Brakes: Pedders springs, front strut brace, bendix metal king pads... apart from that, stock.


Wheels & Tyres: 15x7 Superlites with Potenza GIII rubber.


Interior: SW20 MR2 seats, Speco 2.5inch tacho, el'cheapo Autotechnica sports wheel.


Body: Cheap old school looking mirrors from Supercheap.


Other: Random stickers, bit of sound stuff, H4 headlights, also got some driving lights to go on.


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Name: Nick


Car: 1984 CS Ke70


Motor & Driveline: Standard 4Kc 3 Speed Trimatic Auto


Suspension & Brakes: Completly Stock


Wheels & Tyres: Stock


Interior: Blue velor Interior with, dragon seat covers Front & Back, Dragon Steering Wheel cover and floor mats Front and Back. Kenwood Kdc 229 Headunit & 220 watt Clarion 6*9s and Kenwood 6*4's


Body: Stock


Other: Modofied Boot and Really Clean Engine bay


Posts Pics soon

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Name: Matt


Car: 1982 KE70 Panelvan


Motor & Driveline: 4K-C, 4spd all stock


Suspension & Brakes: Stock, Squeaky and Rusty


Wheels & Tyres: 13" ROH RoundCircleyThings


Interior: Brown/Blue/Bare


Body: White/Black/Rust


Other: It's my project in perpetuity throughout time itself and tarnsarnit, looking at all these hot 70s (especially the DX's you lucky b'stards.. i like my 2 doors short as well) makes me wish i had the money to start & finish my panelvan *grumps*




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Name: Mark


Car: '83 KE70 SR Coupe


Motor & Driveline: 3TGTE, W55, 7.5" F295 Kaaz lsd, 4puk


Suspension & Brakes: ma45 struts 10" disks all round


Wheels & Tyres: 15x7 mesh


Interior: racepro buckets


Body: matt black, '83 trueno tails


Other: the ke70 running gear completly replaced with jdm te71 efi gears and the 3tgt went in later


more comprehensive parts listing here http://www.toycrazy.net/mark/ke70spec.html


ke70painted1_small.jpg ke70painted2_small.jpg




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