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Hey All


If you have a Ke70 or Ae71, Post some pics, and tell us a little about it !


(Copy and paste this Format, it will keep it looking nice, and easy to read)




[B]Motor & Driveline[/B]:

[B]Suspension & Brakes[/B]:

[B]Wheels & Tyres[/B]:




*Put pictures here*

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Members dont see this ad

Name: Teddy



1983 Ke70 (One of the last hundred(s)? before late front end started


Motor & Driveline:

Worked 4k, Hot Cam, 3k Bigport head, Double Timing Chain, Un-Balanced bottom end, 4:1 Extractors, 2" exhaust, (No fart cannon), Twin 40 side draft's. K50 Box, Stock Diff.


Suspension & Breaks:

nothing special =D


Wheels & Tyres: Pizza Cutters ftw !



Custom Retrimed door cards in Black heavy duty vinal, All plastic sprayed properly gloss black, Crackless dash. Black Carpet, Red & black seat covers. Saas Blackjack 365cm steeringwheel. CSX instrument cluster & boot release. Custom Boot Retrim.



Dodgie Respray in artic white 2 years back, rust is nothing unusual. New bonet. Its clean for a first car, and I'm happy with it :D



Tow Bar, which gets used alot :D, Drift monkey Sticker! Its my daily driver car, i wouldnt have any other car !

Close to a Goodyear F1 of the Reminton Tyre world. Some Semi directional tred, hard rubber, which has lasted 2 years of alot of various driving (Motorkhanas, to and from work, long trips, towing, etc). Rims are some rare jap imported things from option1, Nathan Fisher was able to tell me they are "Hirokie rushiou" rims or something (he was the seller at the time) - 185 55 R14


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Name: Jason or Jae


Car: 1983 ke70 station wagon


Motor & Driveline: Stock 4k-c cept for 2" zorst and stock 4spd


Suspension & Brakes: stock


Wheels & Tyres: 15" five spoke


Interior: cd player boss amp kenwood amp 12" pioneer sub and kenwood 6x9's momo steering wheel tacho dash shortened gear shifter, and lambswool seat covers. the rest is stock


Body: resprayed in ultramarine blue, complete with Sponsered By Centrelink sticker on rear dogbox window


Other: don't know how to post pics but will try :D

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Name: David


Car: 1981 TE71 Corolla Liftback


Motor & Driveline: 2T-B & T50 - Factory, 3SGTE and W55 going in soon


Suspension & Brakes: Factory, Upgraded soon


Wheels & Tyres: Factory, 13x5.5/9 spitfires with 26x10x13 DOT drag Slicks


Interior: Stripped, race seat and dash remain


Body: Factory red, respray in red with slight bodykit.


Other: project car, currently in the planning stages, but you get the general idea from what iv posted :)

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1984 KE70 Corolla Sedan


Reconditioned 4K, Hurricane 4-1 Extractors, Gemini Carby, K50 Gearbox


Pedders Comfort Gas All Around, Bendix Standard Front Pads, Brand New Disc Rotors


Factory Mag Wheels with Kumhos'


Standard Interior, Needs Replacing


Full bare metal respray in Nissan "Yellow Light" Paint


Alpine Stereo, Alpine 6x9"s in rear parcel tray, Alpine 6" splits in the front doors, GME TX4400 CB Radio



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Name: Joel


Car: 1982 (its a month yonger then me) CS ke70


Motor & Driveline: Stock


Suspension & Brakes: stock


Wheels & Tyres: stock


Interior: stock


Body: stock (killing rust)


Other: Pioneer Mp3 deck, unknown front speakers, unknown 6" rears, Alpine v12 amp, 12" mtx sub



Cars being setup for drift/circut, reason stereo's in is becuase i got bored one afternoon and decided to shove a stereo in.


in future, ae92/ae101 GZE, Swift GTi seats, the usuall sprinter suspension setup (tokico/trd etc.). etc. etc. pics

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Name: Paul


Car: 84 KE70 S


Motor & Driveline: Bigport 4AGE, 2" exhaust, T-50, Exedy HD clutch, T-18 rear end with Cusco RS 2-way LSD


Suspension & Brakes: Makita 1 way adjustables


Wheels & Tyres: Stock 13" steelies, 1 hubcap.


Interior: AW11 steering wheel


Body: BMW 325i wing


Other: N/A







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Car: 82 KE70 DX


Motor & Driveline:4AGE 170hp, 2,5" exhaust, T-50, T rear axle with 4.7diff


Suspension & Brakes: front: adjustable coilovers, 295x25mm discs, ferodo racing ds3000 pads, bremsport 4pot alu calipers, longer lower control arms, bilstein shocks, stiff springs, quaife quick ratio r/p.

rear: bilstein shocks, stiff springs that are chopped to match front ride height


Wheels & Tyres: 205/50R15


Interior: nothing except dashbord seat and steering wheel


Body: removed bumbers, soon to be fibreglass bonnet, fenders etc, the car has to weigh less than 800kg





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