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Name: Scott.


Car: 1983 KE70 Toyota Corolla CS (Modified to be CS-X). :(


Motor & Driveline: Stock 4K-C, extractors, straight through 2" Exhaust, BOSCH GT40 coil, cut air cleaner surround. :lolcry:


Suspension & Brakes: Stock with *lowered* springs. :(


Wheels & Tyres: Unknown (7K-5 or TK-5?) 15x6x? rims with 195/50/15 tyres. :(


Interior: Black with baby blue (gotta love vinyl spray!).


Body: Converted front end to older model, Spirit wing.


Other: Panasonic head unit, 6 1/2" in top of front doors & 6x9" in parcel shelf (didn't have to cut ANY metal! :lolcry:), Alpine tweeters in front pillars, some BOSS 800W amp running 2x 12" Kenwood subs. Rear licence plate spaced back from car. New EXEDY heavy duty clutch in box waiting to be installed. Damian my dirty little drift monkey!






(Before Tunnel)


(After Tunnel)




(BBP Mods)




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Members dont see this ad
i like the shot in your signature mate..

What signature? I tried to hyperlink it and it shrinks the pic so i cleared it... :lolcry:


damn, gotta get that front end and boot sprayed again

Nah, i'll prolly end up gettin the car sprayed a nice baby blue or gloss white, and keeping the black bonnet and bootlid. :(


i reckon actually that the e71 end looked nicer on your car...

It was ok, but everything was slanted back towards the windscreen and the grille had angled ends instead of straight.


gotta love boondal backyard performance, seen a few of you around :(

Eh, i used to have a big BBP sticker on my rear glass, until some dickhead(s) scratched it up one night and then i had to remove it. I'm not in BBP any more, apparently my rolla isn't good enough and "the tribe has spoken"... :(

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Name: Martin


Car: 1982 KE70


Motor & Driveline: 4K-C, 5spd all stock


Suspension & Brakes: Stock


Wheels & Tyres: 17inch chromies


Interior: biege interior


Body: white


Other: Ke70 lowered custom plate numba 17inch rims sytem, custom beige interior ,extractors exhaust 4k-c nugget soon to be twin cam 4age 100kw {PROJECT KE70}





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Name: Matt


Car: 1983 KE70 CS Wagon


Motor & Driveline: Factory 1.3 & 4 speed manual. Engine was rebuilt a few years back.


Suspension & Brakes: Factory


Wheels & Tyres: Standard


Interior: All factory grey except for my pioneer stereo head unit, the isolator switch for the driving lights and and manual engine immobilser.


Body: Factory except for the 55w driving lights mounted onto the front bumper. They make a huge improvement to the factory high-beam.


Other: 225000kms and still going strong. A few small dings and bumps and a bit of rust in the roof, but otherwise in good condition. Fun car to work on.



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Totally missed this thread!


Name: Travis


Car: 1984 AE71


Motor & Driveline: Standard 4AC, T-50 etc.


Suspension & Brakes: Front: AE86 sprinter struts and brakes, converted to coilovers. KYB short stroke shocks, 7kg spring, KONI sleeve kit, cusco camber tops. Rear: Suzuki Sierra shocks, chopped EA falcon springs. Whiteline adjustable panhard rod.


Wheels & Tyres: Front: 14"x6.5" +3 random mesh with 195/60/14 Yokohama s306's Rear: 15"x7" +27 Buddy Club P1 rims with 195/50/15 Pirelli P7000's


Interior: Autotechnica Steering wheel, Trust gear knob, old school alpine HU with clarion 4" in kick panels.


Body: Standard poo, now sporting bent bonnet and yellow gaurd.


Other: I love it :y:


Some pics..




Beast 4AC!




And dodgey one with grille back on



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Name: gary


Car: 84 ke70 sedan


Motor & Driveline: 4k with lumpy cam and head work


Suspension & Brakes: pedders superlow suspension


Wheels & Tyres: jellybeans


Interior: standard, custom boot install and woodgrain steering wheel


Body: stock white





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Name: Leo


Car: 1984 AE71


Motor & Driveline: standard 1.6 & 5 speed manual. 325xxxkm :y:


Suspension & Brakes: standard


Wheels & Tyres: AE86 alloys :P


Interior: standard + ae86 driver seat


Body: stock + minimal rust :D


Other: might drop a 4age for fun, the brown one is my old ae71 which i stripped for parts to build the ae86 :(

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The Corolla Teddy serviced for in 2005.


Name: Chris(TRD KE70) & Tony(TRD)


Car:1980 KE70 Rally Car,NZ built, Factory Twin Round Headlight.


Motor & Driveline:TRD uprite 5k, Twin Dellortos, 2 1/4" exhaust, Hand Made extractors, Denso Electronic Ignition, Custom Steel Flywheel, Paddle Clutch, 3 Boxes for Rallying, T-50, TRD K50 & Standard K50, TRD Quick Shift, One Peice Tailshaft, AE86 Disc Brake Diff, TRD 4.78 Gears, TRD 2 Way LSD.


Suspension & Brakes:AE86 Struts & 4 Wheel Disc Brakes, TRD Brake Pads, Braided Brake lines, TRD Rally Shocks, AE86 PWS Arms, Spherical bushes, Carrera Springs & Adjustable Platforms(front), Vented Brembo Rotors(front), AE86 Standard disc's(rear), Kp60 Starlet springs.


Wheels & Tyres:Bridgestone Rally Potenza 13x5.5 Mags.


Interior:Racetech Seats,


Body:MANZ Approved 8 Point 38mm Welded Rollcage, Lightened, NZ Pensonalized TRD Plates.




Other: 2005 Queensland 1600cc Class Winner. 2005 KCF Short Course Rally Series 3rd Outright, 2005 KCF Short Course Rally Series 1600cc Winner.

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