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as my shoulder is ʞ©$ɟed, spent the day just cleaning my sideys. they aren't like super clean but they are a shit load better then they where, i will end up polishing them one day. i want to put them back on but don't really want to do it on my P's but see what happens.




tried abit of polishing just used 600 grit sand paper then just rubbed it wiht silvo toke like 2 minutes and came up mirror finish but if i go finer will be better.


should of cleaned my manifold as well.


also need to quieten down my exhaust its way to loud, thinking about putting the muffler just before diff then having a rotary type drop tip muffler. I'm on my P 2's in about 10 days so no more P plates so exhaust i should be able to get away with but needs more quite.

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This is why I had so much trouble trying to fit these rims under stock guards. Longer LCA's there was no way rolling the guards was going to help me.




So I've out stock ones back in but wheel alignment is out by along way, I have a feeling I'm going to have positive camber even with camber tops all the way in.

With new rims on longer lca


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