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So I am scoring a free pair of XT130 struts on Saturday, will be picking them up at the crack of dawn then going to my mates and shortening/rewelding my coil over set up. Once that is done there is no reason I can't bolt it all in on Sunday (apart from the missus). My new job gives me time to work on it in the avo so I reckon by next weekend barring some unseen problem (jinx) I should be able to take it for a spin.


Then its back into the garage to drop the gearbox and figure out what the issue is with the clutch fork.


Hopefully I'll grab my new front apron this weekend too so I can mount the new lip (still undecided on whether I should put it on George).


Still trying to sell stuff so I can get my MA61's. They are there waiting.

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Free struts are actually AE86 ones but all good didnt need them.


Got 'em shortened 40mm and the sleeves lowered.






When and saw Brett (Haveaparty) and got a new front apron. Means I can try to sort out how to mount the new lip. Figure ill make some brackets on the old one and transfer them over.




Gotta go see Andy and grab a passenger guard and body wise I'm pretty sorted. As for the front suspension I reckon I have everything to bolt it in now. Need to lop the lock stops off the XT steering arms, get the bushes and ball joints sorted on the driver side LCA and bolt it all in.


New job means I have an hour or so every avo to fiddle.

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Got bored so did some test fitting. With the XT steering arms I'm able to fit the RCA's without issues with the LCA (apart from the dust guard needed some precision fine tuning with a hammer as the rotor rubbed a bit).






Didnt realise I needed brake lines to suit so I wont be driving it this weekend. :(

Also ordered the wrong brake pads, the old ones are still pretty good though.

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HEL can make custom ADR approved braided brake lines, pretty cheap too. I think I paid $130 for mine.


Edit: forgot to mention you have to specifically request them to be ADR approved.

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I wanted it done today so got ripped off $130 for a pair of standard ones.




How its sitting with the coilovers wound right up. Nice track increase too, sitting flush like the rear. Very happy.




Gonna stick the Konis in now and bleed brakes and align the wheels. More updates later.

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