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What Engine Should I Put In My Ke55?


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Hi everyone, the corolla you can see in my pictures, the bluey greeny ke55 is starting to blow alot of smoke and the engine is being a right pain in the arse ever for a 4k with 180,000km on the clock. decided to do an engine conversion on it, but I would like people with more experiences advice. What engine should I put in that would give me the best results and be the easiest to put in my lil rwd beast.

Thank you all in advance


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Sorry should have been more specific.


I'm after mostly reliability, economy I'm not so worried about, extra power and speed would be a bonus. Mostly after something thats easy and would pretty much go in with out too much modifying

I was thinking a 5k or something along those lines...

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5k is a good option as its minimal work

You also have the 7k option but at greater expense and more work such as making the sump fit around the crossmember


There's lots of options, carby will be easiest due to far less wiring etc


Take a look through the wreckers and see what you find, old Celica/ corona motors etc could be a good option for minimal outlay

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If you hover your mouse over his name you'll see he last visited on June 2 2015, so I doubt you'll find out anytime soon.

Its a pretty common question, usually answered by either "hot up a 4K" or "put in a 4AGE". Start a new thread if you like, let us know how much you want to spend and how much engine work you can do yourself.

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