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4Ag(Z)E Adjustable Cam Gears


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Hi all,


Just wondering what brands of adjustable cam gears are "safe" enough to buy from ebay as i'm looking for some for my 4agze.

So basically wondering if the cheap as ones

like these ones



are just as good as the more expensive ones


like these



let me know what you all have!

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Years ago when i had a 4age i was looking into the idea of making a pair of them. Wouldn't have been all that hard, have both cam gears sitting next to each other - one right way up and the other one upside down. Cut the cog part off one of the gears and the other one remove the centre part where the gear fits onto the cam.

When you look at both cam gears sitting together and look at the adjustable ones you'll figure it out what needs to be done.

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I recently bought what I believe to be the exact same product from a different seller (maxspeedingrods-au or something).

Havent installed yet but I was sold by the fact that the outer ring is steel not aluminium.

You seriously can't argue with the price either. Although that being said the T3 items look to be well made and worth the money.


The bolts look like they aren't the greatest on these and I might replace them. Wouldn't be too keen on the dynamic timing changes if they loosened themselves :b

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don't buy anything that has aluminium/durilium outers, hard anodised or anything like that as it's just not worth it.



Why do you say that Sam? I would have imagined lower reciprocating mass etc (which I know nothing about) woud be a good thing.


I wouldn't have thought load on them would be that high, and as long as protected by a cover, they should be OK?

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I understand why you would think that however I beleive that normal wear would eventually do this regardless of belt tension. Misuse or not this shouldn't happen. I have reports of being common and I have seen it on other types of pulleys as well, aluminium is just too soft.

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